All print media in Ukraine must have a Ukrainian language version from January 16

The State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine recalls that from January 16, 2022, all all-Ukrainian and regional print media in Ukraine must be published in the state language, whether a version is published simultaneously in another language, including Russian.

At the same time, the department’s press office says that for print media, which has local circulation in the registration certificate, the language of publication requirement begins July 16, 2024.

“In accordance with the Law on Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language”, print media may be published in languages ​​other than the state language (in particular, in Russian), provided that the distribution of this publication is made simultaneously with the corresponding distribution of the publication in a foreign language The distribution in Ukrainian must be made and the legal copies must be sent in accordance with the law, even if, apart from the legal copies, no other Ukrainian copy may not be distributed,” the message said.

It is reported that the distribution of publications printed in Russian by subscription is allowed provided that their founders (co-founders) guarantee the possibility of subscribing in Ukraine to the same publication in the state language. At the place of distribution of a printed publication in Russian, such media is distributed in the state language, regardless of whether it is distributed against reimbursement or free of charge, including free distribution.

“It is also prohibited to enter information in another language in printed publications, in particular announcements, advertising information, etc. Exceptions are mentioned in Part 5 of Article 25 of the Functional Guarantee Act of the Ukrainian language as a state language: they include the English language, the official languages ​​of the European Union, the Crimean Tatar, the languages ​​of other indigenous peoples of Ukraine. list,” the message reads.

The State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting points out that violation of language requirements entails the imposition of a fine of 400-500 non-taxable minimum income of citizens (6,800-8,500 UAH) and the repetition of a offense within a year, for which the person has already been subject to an administrative penalty, entails the imposition of a fine of 500-700 non-taxable minimum income of citizens (8,500-11,900 UAH). The Commissioner for State Language Protection will be able to bring violators to administrative liability starting July 16, 2022.

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