Audiovisual Media Sector FDI Standards See Minor Changes in New Government Announcement



NEW DELHI: The Indian government yesterday released a comprehensive FDI policy for various sectors where a slight change was noticed in the media sector compared to what was already announced in June 2016. Now 100% FDI are allowed in cable TV and HITS. automatically for digital and non-digital transport services.

For those segments of the media where automatic FDI approval is not granted and government approval is required, this would now be the nodal ministry — Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) – – who would be responsible for the green signal in place of the Ministry of Commerce’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board, a division that has now been dismantled as part of the government’s attempt to make doing business in India easier.

FDI in broadcast transport services such as teleports, DTH, cable networks (both MSOs and LCOs for DAS and non-DAS areas), mobile TV, lead broadcast service network (HITS) is 100% automatic routing.

The foreign investment limit (FDI) in terrestrial broadcasting of FM radio and uplink of news and current affairs television channels remains at 49 percent subject to government approval. The uplinks and downlinks of television channels other than news and current affairs remain at 100% in automatic mode.

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The publication of news and current affairs newspapers and periodicals and the publication of Indian editions of foreign news and current affairs magazines are subject to a 26 per cent FDI limit, subject to the government approval.

The head of an MSO company, on condition of anonymity, said it was slightly confusing why it was said that 100% FDI was allowed for transport services such as cable TV and HITS in digital and non-digital areas via an automatic route.

Although the government is of the opinion that 100% digitization has been achieved in the country, the broadcast industry (MSO and LCO) insists that analogue pockets in the country persist as set-top boxes are still being sown in small towns and rural areas. areas.

The government has also notified — most of its reiterations of an earlier policy decision — detailed conditions for broadcast media and they can be found at /CFPC_2017_FINAL_RELEASED_28.8.17 .pdf:


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