Azerbaijan launches electronic distribution platform for print media

May 6, 2022 3:38 p.m. (UTC+04:00)


Azerbaijan has launched a platform for subscription and sale of digital print media products “E-Kiosk”.

The Media Development Agency of Azerbaijan (MEDIA) organized a presentation on “E-Kiosk” on May 5.

According to MEDIA, it was noted that the “E-Kiosk” portal was created taking into account modern trends and needs triggered by the modernization of the global information environment and the widespread use of advanced media and other innovative technologies.

The platform is designed for easy access, anytime and anywhere, to traditional print media, newspapers and magazines from a constantly updated database.

Readers will also be able to freely access the digital archives through the portal.

MEDIA added that this platform is an innovative step in adapting traditional print media to the digital environment, increasing their economic sustainability and accelerating the transition to an information society.

The agency noted that taking into account the proposals, it was decided to prepare and present to the public the final version of the “E-Kiosk” project.

The event also included discussions on the “Editorial Policy and Rules of Professional Ethics” prepared by MEDIA. It has been noted that media subjects are currently discussing the project, and the application of these rules will contribute to a stricter respect for copyright protection and professional ethics in the media sphere in general.

Heads of print media participated in the event.

The Azerbaijani parliament adopted a new law on the media in December 2021. It establishes the general rules for the organization of media activities, as well as the legal and economic bases of such activities, as well as the reception, preparation, transmission, production and dissemination of information. . The document is divided into nine chapters and 78 clauses.

It covers every detail, from boosting journalists’ professionalism to solving their social problems. The document establishes the legal framework required for better protection of information security in Azerbaijan.

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