Bringing the Media Center back to the KB K-8 Center | Letters to the Editor

The Media Center (Key Biscayne K-8) is our largest academic space and was renovated in 2017. It was closed last year due to the pandemic. Now this school year we don’t have a media specialist and our library clerk has been surplus.

The K-8 Center has had the largest book circulation in the county in previous years. However, our students can no longer access the library and view books as it is used for testing, speech therapy and as a vaccination site.

Many media centers at public schools in Miami Dade County have been open and viewing books since the start of the school year. In fact, many of the MDCPS media centers have recently been renovated and students are taking advantage of them.

It is very difficult to understand why our school did not plan appropriately and staff its media center during the summer holidays.

Our media center is a hub for student learning, a place where teachers can collaborate and access instructional technology, and often a public space for faculty, board, and parent association meetings. .

Our school library helps students connect to reading and digital literacy in a variety of ways. It needs to open ASAP! Additionally, parents are willing to volunteer to help work the library so it can open immediately and provide students with the opportunity to peruse books and become avid readers.

Laudy Ibarra, Ivette Fernandez, Cristina González, Tabatha Taboada, Alejandra Yunis, Anna Kruszewska, Maria Garcés, Soledad Coartes, Isabella Lange

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