Broadcast Media Veteran Ed Seeger Launches Digital-Ignite Agency



President Ed Seegar launched the Caroline from the southcompany based on the impressive brokerage experience of Seeger $ 500 million as well as in radio station transactions to deeply focus on understanding the digital media era. Using partners, Seeger appointed digital strategists Mike Samet, DSI and Chris clark, vice-president of customer services. On the traditional marketing side of DI, a long-standing industrial framework Nat Davis, Executive Vice President, will administer operations.

Embodying the future of marketing, DI is a full-service marketing and advertising agency delivering powerful results to its clients. Based at Charleston, South Carolina, Digital-Ignite maintains remote sales and operations personnel in United States. An international presence has established their office in the UK and further plan to expand their reach into the markets surrounding Atlanta, Jacksonville, and the Bahamas in 2018.

“Digital-Ignite delivers cutting-edge technology and practices focused on programmatic advertising strategically through data enforcement,” Seeger notes.

Leveraging best-in-class, DI delivers results to customers by gathering over 170 data points based on both cookie history and potential customers’ device IDs. Derived from the customer’s past and current business volume, the information is matched against people visiting their website and then against variable weight profiles creating a lead score.

The company’s top client list includes domestic market leaders from various industries including: music, automotive, automotive marketing software companies, grocery chains, educational recruiting, finance, sports teams, resorts and real estate leaders.

Digital Ignite uses a programmatic approach to buying ads for customers, meeting display, audio, native and video needs. By getting vendors, big data, and demand-side platforms to bid against each other, DI delivers the best cost per impression (ranked by CPM). The operations team personalizes real-time data segments by delivering the best target audience frequency to the customer’s webpage. Dynamic rasterization makes it possible to follow the entire journey of the audience on the website of its customers. At 99%, digital businesses are unable to match this established attribution model and cost per sale or lead.

Digital-Ignite takes data privacy seriously and is compliant with all major data regulations, including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. The company is one of the few already to obey the GDPR.

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