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The level of stress and well-being in our lives has been studied for years. Studies have shown that money is the biggest stressor. And as you might guess, it’s not about stress riches. Another great source of stress in life is work. Many of us get into a disgusting spiral where the more we stress about money, the less we can concentrate on work, which can cause more stress.

Stress from mortgages, debts, overtime, job continuity, when money and work together cause concern, can lead to serious health problems. Here are four ways you can reduce the stress of money.

Know your own financial situation


The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that you stress about money. Another thing is to understand that by committing yourself to change and exploring your options, you can help ease your situation.

Be proactive

Be proactive

For example, try to discuss your situation with a financial expert, your family, or a friend. Set a budget for yourself where you have a monthly, quarterly, and yearly goal that you are aiming for. Try to cut down on essential expenses like Magazine subscriptions or even your car. This will keep you on the map of your expenses.

There is a solution to every problem

Remind yourself that most problems are not life and death issues, and almost every problem will find a solution sooner or later. A short-term loan can also ease your situation if you have to make a purchase that you would not otherwise be able to afford.

The best way to relieve the stress of money

The best way to relieve the stress of money

Meditation and mindfullness exercises have been found to be the best way to relieve stress. Regular moments of meditation help reduce anxiety and relax the mind and body. Doing breathing exercises daily (ie not just in a moment of panic) for five to ten minutes can make a huge difference to your life. You can easily find free guided meditation and breathing exercises online and for example. After all, no matter how stressful you are, you cannot put a price on your health.

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Credit reinvention is essential in Argentina http://saar-new-media.com//credit-reinvention-is-essential-in-argentina/ http://saar-new-media.com//credit-reinvention-is-essential-in-argentina/#respond Thu, 15 Aug 2019 11:44:24 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/credit-reinvention-is-essential-in-argentina/

The economic situation in Argentina shows a long-standing problem: traditional banks do not offer credit products that are reliable development tools for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises. Futher reading at http://www.codash.org/instant-online-payday-loans-receive-funding-with-internet-payday-loans/

Access to credit is a matter of few

Access to credit is a matter of few

only 50% of the population has a savings account and that universe there are few who enter credit lines that are linked to the growth and achievement of a project, be it personal as the purchase of a home or commercial as the investment in a company .

An even smaller percentage is the number of people who have a credit card (about 24%), who face high interests and, in part, are victims of a lack of segmentation in financing rates. For example, Argentines with a healthy credit history and an acceptable income are caught in the model. The same happens to those who cannot access financing lines due to the high interests of the traditional banking and financial market.

The credit system is inefficient and does not live up to a country

The credit system is inefficient and doesn't live up to a country

Whose productive imprint rests on the talent of its entrepreneurs. The mechanism does not correspond if we take into account that the main digital-based technological unicorns of the region have left the Argentine market. Even more, it is not functional if we see that it is small and medium-sized businesses that grant 80% of the workplaces, despite being the most difficult to overcome when obtaining financing or renegotiating credits. In short, banks act in “Error 404” mode, a server that the user simply cannot find.

Separate issue but wrapped in the same plot is debt consolidation. While it may be a way to reduce payments, it keeps keeping the user in a delinquent spiral. It is known that the use of credit and debit cards in Argentina represents ways to finance consumption, but the dangers for those debtors who fail to pay on time are not yet properly addressed.

With technological innovation in the financing system

With technological innovation in the financing system

Good Finance has allowed the automation of advisory processes, reduction of structural costs and agility in obtaining loans through online solutions, favoring SMEs and workers who require financial support in an unfavorable economic context.

It is reasonable then that people find in the Good Finance market several reasonable options to face their delinquency and settle their debts. Good Finance companies that streamline and make the financing system more competitive in the country appear as an alternative, different and innovative, for the professional middle class.

The high costs of money in the banks, the old technological processes – and already almost obsolete – that make their services more expensive and the lack of financial education make people distrust and not be motivated when doing such operations. A clear example of this is the costs associated with remittances. The decline in market competitiveness and exclusive alliances among large operators make sending value too expensive.

Although the picture is not entirely encouraging, the Good Finance experience proves that there is a way out of the maze. It is these companies that reinvent and energize the credit market in the country that create a favorable climate for families and companies in search of mortgage financing, working capital or even debt consolidation.

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Borrow 2500 euros http://saar-new-media.com//borrow-2500-euros/ http://saar-new-media.com//borrow-2500-euros/#respond Sat, 03 Aug 2019 19:36:51 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/borrow-2500-euros/ Before you borrow it is wise to look at whether you want a personal loan or revolving credit. With a personal loan, the interest is usually fixed. You cannot borrow extra money for this. If you choose to pay off the loan earlier, you often pay a fine for it. Even if you want to repay part of your loan extra, you pay an extra amount for it.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit

With a revolving credit you can withdraw extra money in between. There is a variable interest rate. If you want to pay off, this can be done without penalty or other consequences. You can look best at what suits you. Do you want a fixed interest rate or a variable? Do you want to pay extra in between or not?

Do you want to be able to withdraw extra money in between or not? These are all questions that you need to think carefully about. Once you have chosen a loan, you cannot go back.



The interest usually depends on the term. The least duration does not always mean the least interest. Compare this well. This is useful to know and can save you a lot of money. Also think about whether your duration is realistic.

Can you handle repaying the entire amount and interest within the term? Also consider the monthly charges. Sometimes you just need a longer duration.

Good Credit Agency

Good Credit Agency

On the website of the Good Credit Company you can see very clearly how much which loan with what amount will ultimately cost you. Ideal. If you go for a personal loan with a term of 48 months and you want to borrow 2500 euros, the final amount including interest will be 3024 euros.

Then you pay 3024-2500 = 524 euros in interest. If you go for a revolving credit with a term of 41 months and you borrow 2500 euros, your final amount will be 3034 euros. You therefore pay 3034-2500 = 534 euros in interest.

Loan broker

Loan broker

Unfortunately, there is no calculation tool on the site of the loan broker to calculate the final amount. There is, however, a table with the final amount for amounts of 15,000 euros.

It also says that the revolving credit is from 4.7% interest. The personal loan is available from 5.1% interest. To calculate the exact amount for a loan of 2500 euros, you can request a quote from this site.

Credit spotter

Credit spotter

On  a website it is stated that the revolving and the personal credit have an interest from 4.7%. Unfortunately, there are also no calculation aids here. Here too there is a table with the amounts of 25,000 and 45,000 euros. A final amount is then calculated. There is also the option to request a quote.

Which lender

You can find out which lender is best for you by going to all sites and using the calculation tool there or requesting the quote. There is, of course, a different interest rate for each situation, which is why there is no cheapest or best-known lender. All these lenders do have a license from the AFM

Who is the cheapest

The comparison shows that the Good Credit Company is the most conveniently arranged amount to be repaid, so you will not be faced with any surprises. Applying for a loan of 2500 euros is simple, another advantage is that you have your money in your account within 2 days.

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Credit Card Payment Postponement How? http://saar-new-media.com//credit-card-payment-postponement-how/ http://saar-new-media.com//credit-card-payment-postponement-how/#respond Sat, 27 Jul 2019 19:00:27 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/credit-card-payment-postponement-how/ Credit card , which is very common in the world, is used more than many countries in our country. Since we use credit cards so much, we can fall into this trap and have problems in payments. The higher our card expenses , the higher our monthly payment burden and the higher the probability of having problems with payments. So how do I postpone my credit card payment? What should be considered when postponing payment?

At this point, we must pay attention to the credit card payment day certainly not to spend. If the credit exceeds your card payment deadline in this case it will have a negative effect on your credit record and will drop the note. For this reason, additional operations such as payment elimination and statement elimination will be activated.

You can also hold your card payments until the last day . However, this will be a risky option in situations that prevent you from paying due to technical problems that may occur during your payment. It would make more sense to make your payments 1 day before the last day.


Credit Card Payment Postponement How?

Credit Card Payment Postponement How?

Credit Card Payment Before you can postpone , you should be familiar with all of your card’s debt information. If you are not in a position to pay the full amount, you can find out the minimum payment amount and minimum payment rates for your card. Paying the minimum amount will also be deferred to your debt for that month, so we can give this process as an example.

If you’re having trouble paying the minimum amount, it’s a good idea to check out the skip options. Because, if you cannot pay the minimum payment amount, your registry will be affected negatively and future transactions will be in trouble.

If you are using internet banking first , you can find the option to skip statement on the relevant credit card’s payment screen from the credit cards menu and follow these steps. Transactions made through internet banking do not differ and operate in the same way as the branch. When you continue on this screen, there will be a lot of information including how much you will pay and how much interest will be reflected in next month. You can make your decision on the next screen.


If you do not use the Internet banking product

If you do not use the Internet banking product

you can also go directly to the branch. Your branch may not accept it first and may ask for your payment. Some credit cards do not have the feature to skip the statement, but your branch may refuse, but it is useful to insist.

To give an example credit card fees and any costs are usually unsecured credit card statement does not contain the skip feature. You can find out if this feature is available from your telephone banking and branches.

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What is the CFT and why is it important to look carefully before taking out a loan? http://saar-new-media.com//what-is-the-cft-and-why-is-it-important-to-look-carefully-before-taking-out-a-loan/ http://saar-new-media.com//what-is-the-cft-and-why-is-it-important-to-look-carefully-before-taking-out-a-loan/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2019 11:15:46 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/what-is-the-cft-and-why-is-it-important-to-look-carefully-before-taking-out-a-loan/ When applying for a loan, Total Financial Cost (CFT) is a key factor in comparing the different offers of loans in the financial market. We tell you what is hidden behind these 3 acronyms that we see a lot, but which we do not usually pay attention to.

If you are thinking of taking out a loan, surely the first thing you will do is compare the interest rates offered by the different banks, in order to decide which is the best option that suits your needs.

But beware. In addition to the interest rate and the amount to be returned, you have to pay attention to the Total Financial Cost (CFT). This number includes not only the interest rate, but also other associated charges and expenses. It represents the real cost of your loan. That is what you will end up paying for it.

What is the Total Financial Cost (CFT)?

What is the Total Financial Cost (CFT)?

The CFT is the final percentage you will pay as a refund of the credit you requested. It may be indicated with or without the Value Added Tax (VAT). If you are a final consumer, you will have to pay VAT on the interest paid each month, which will impact the value of the fee.

Some entities detail it as the Total Annual Effective Financial Cost (CFTEA), which refers to the calculation of the CFT in one year.

Banks are required to report this amount, since it is the most accurate and transparent date with which customers can make a comparison between the different proposals they have at their disposal. Thus, they must display in their branches blackboards with information about the CFT and the interest rates of the credit lines they provide.

What expenses does it include?

What expenses does it include?

The CFT includes the interest rate, but Also other concepts. In Argentina, this cost is composed of:

  • The basic interest rate que Determines the fee to be paid. It can be fixed, variable or mixed.
  • Evaluation expenses of the person requesting the loan and financing of the applicants.
  • Insurance contracting expenses (life and fire, among others), which are mandatory.
  • Opening and maintenance expenses of the account that will be used to pay the fees.
  • Operating expenses.

According to the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), the CFT must be analyzed in depth in each case, because there are factors that vary by person. For example, age influences the value of the insurance to be paid.

We suggest you read the terms and conditions carefully before signing anything, since these concepts can be modified on the fly according to the criteria established in the contract.

Another aspect to take into account: in all documentation related to loan contracting, the CFT is identified with a typography 5 times larger than the one used for the rest of the information. In this way, at the time of signing, you will easily find the CFT of the credit you are taking and ensuring its value.

Why is it important to know the CFT?

Why is it important to know the CFT?

It is essential because, as we explained before, it is the best indicator of the total cost that you will have to face when requesting any type of credit. Remember that the CFT will increase the final cost of your loan by several percentage points.

Many people base their decisions taking into account only the interest rate. But that doesn’t say too much. A bank may give you lower interest rates than another, but its CFT may be higher.

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E-shop buying will save your time and money http://saar-new-media.com//e-shop-buying-will-save-your-time-and-money/ http://saar-new-media.com//e-shop-buying-will-save-your-time-and-money/#respond Mon, 22 Jul 2019 12:05:00 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/e-shop-buying-will-save-your-time-and-money/


At least one third of Czechs bought something online at least once. Convenient online purchases have become a hit and have grown so much that today we can boldly regard them as an integral part of modern lifestyle. It brings many benefits, from saving time to saving money. Are you still one of those who prefer to go to a stone shop? We will convince you why internet shopping pays much more.

Online purchases


It’s modern, it’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s in. What are you talking about? Of course, shopping in e-shops, virtual analogues of stone shops. The main advantages and at the same time the reasons for the huge popularity of online purchases include saving – both time and money. Internet vendors do not have the cost of running an e-shop, such as merchants selling their goods in stone stores. Large costs for renting premises, salaries of employees, equipment of establishments… all these are not negligible items that must be reflected in the final price of goods.

Few employees to process orders and run a website


The e-shop owner only needs a store, a few employees to process orders and run a website. They can therefore afford to deploy much lower prices. As a virtual customer, you can comfortably sit in front of the screen at home, browse the catalogs of goods and simply arrange delivery of goods to the door of the house in minutes. You will save a lot of time. You don’t have to run around stores like senses of deprivation and pick up selected goods. There is also no nerve in finding a parking space, zigzagging in the crowd of other greedy purchases, and wasting time in endless queues at the checkout.

While before the Czechs almost exclusively purchased electronics or clothing via the Internet, the popularity of online shopping for groceries and drugstore goods is increasing. You ask what are the main advantages of hunting goods in boundless waters of the Internet?

Low prices and great choice

In addition to being lower than online stores, e-shop prices can also be easily compared to other online retailers to ensure that you buy the goods at the best price. This is difficult for a number of stone shops – few want to invest a huge time in the circumvention of stores. In addition, you have an inexhaustible range of bargain prices. Today, e-shops offer thousands to tens of thousands of products in stock – from household items to cleaning products and perfumes to food.

Time savings

Time savings

Time is the most precious commodity we have. We should therefore think twice about how to deal with it and what we devote to it. Almost nobody wants to spend time running around town, weaving in crowds or standing in queues. Instead, you can spend time with a partner or family.

End of strengthening

Who would want to pull big purchases manually, even if it was just a few tens of meters to the parked car? Let alone those who don’t own a car. Goods ordered online can be delivered to the door so you don’t have to pull heavy shopping. This will be especially appreciated by large families and mothers with children who do not always have strong man’s hands at hand. In addition, some e-shops offer free shipping when ordering over a specified amount.

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Payday Loan Immediately Within 10 Minutes http://saar-new-media.com//payday-loan-immediately-within-10-minutes/ http://saar-new-media.com//payday-loan-immediately-within-10-minutes/#respond Mon, 10 Jun 2019 17:03:21 +0000 http://www.saar-new-media.com/payday-loan-immediately-within-10-minutes/

We can get into a precarious situation more quickly than we would like, and sometimes we do not. When there is a situation where it is necessary to dispose of a certain amount that we do not have at the moment, it is necessary to secure the money. There are times when our lives cannot do without them. And precisely for this reason, a loan option is available immediately to replenish funds.


Payday loan within 10 minutes

Loan within 10 minutes

This form of loan belongs to non-bank products, which are available mainly on the Internet and are characterized by their speed. A payday loan immediately is a way to get the finances that a person is missing in just a few minutes. Sounds like a fairy tale to you? Do you feel you don’t even want to believe it?

So believe it, because it really is. We can put our own neck on it. However, there are cases where the loan is not provided, but we believe that this is not the case. You can arrange the loan immediately on-line from your phone, tablet or computer.

Just fill out a simple form with your basic details, meet the conditions of the providing company and you can have your money in your account in no time. All companies have almost identical conditions for provision, which differ only in the details, but the principle is still the same.


These conditions are


    • over 18 years of age
    • Debtlessness (the applicant must not be distrained or go through personal bankruptcy – insolvency)
    • permanent residence in the Czech Republic
      • regular income
      • from work
      • of business
      • state social support (mother on maternity or parental leave)
      • retirement or disability pension

As soon as you go through the approval process and the lending company immediately recognizes that you have sufficient credit to repay the borrowed funds properly and on time, funds are sent directly to your bank account. There is no need to go anywhere, you do not have to prove income in a complicated way and document unnecessary administration.

You just fill out the application and you can have the money at home. Don’t be shy about getting into a financial crisis, it can happen anytime, to anyone and for any reason. And you know what? It happens today and daily. But finally, there is a product that really helps people when they need it most. So, go and try.

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