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PONTE VEDRA, Florida – (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 21, 2021–

Cloud media center (CMC) has partnered with CampusLore, a sports content and production company providing unlimited access to current and retired professional athletes, including the most famous NFL and NBA players.

CMC, headquartered in Ponte Vedra, Florida, sells ad inventory connected to long and short sports video content through a cloud-based, analytics-based distribution platform that seamlessly connects advertisers to producers and publishers of content.

Through a partnership with CampusLore, CMC’s in-depth access to professional athletes delivers unique, star-rated content and a full suite of related advertising inventories, such as signage, pre-roll inserts, sponsorships and personalized product placement.

CMC will provide advertisers and publishers with a rich library of interviews and pro-athlete articles as well as over 100 original pieces of fresh weekly sports content, including game highlights, game information and more .

“CMC’s partnership with CampusLore opens the door to a range of content featuring the athletes that sport-focused advertisers and publishers need to succeed in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace,” said the president of CMC, Robert Portrie. “We have the funding, the experience and the vision, a world-class technology platform and a unique revenue-sharing business model that will allow us to compete with anyone in the space.”

CampusLore, affiliated with the Brandr Group, was founded in 2017 in partnership with the NFL Players Association. CampusLore produces custom football, basketball and other sports content featuring top academics now playing as professionals in major US sports leagues.

“Our mission at CampusLore is to empower athletes to tell their stories, and our new partnership with CMC allows us to share those stories with a wider audience through a wider range of advertisers and editors,” said Lee Bushkell. , president of CampusLore. “Our personalized content is perfectly suited to CMC’s innovative distribution platform, bringing added value to all players and offering unique advertising opportunities in this crowded competitive space.

CMC’s end-to-end platform enables collaboration, on an unprecedented level, between the three large groups traditionally siled within the digital publishing market – content producers, advertisers and publishers. It is this collaboration combined with the best personalized dashboards and real-time analytics that enables these three groups to optimize their campaigns with speed and granular precision.

“We’ve built the whole package, an end-to-end platform with powerful next-generation technology capabilities,” said Ravi Bandaru, CTO of CMC. “CMC’s one-of-a-kind digital media platform, powered by AI / ML analytics and with a robust and secure AWS cloud service backend, will be the go-to media network for all content producers, publishers and advertisers to meet all of their business needs.

CMC offers advertisers unlimited access to hundreds of high-quality sports-focused videos in a rich, fully sortable library with well-defined content categories and keyword search functionality.

“With CMC’s personalized dashboard,” said Jay Handline, president of CMC, “advertisers can select the videos they want, insert their ad slots – pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll – and our national network of publishers distribute the ads. has added content to tens of millions of micro-targeted sports-loving consumers. The result is increased click-through and conversion rates for advertisers.

In addition to traditional ad insertions, advertisers can create original and branded content through a comprehensive process: CMC and CampusLore will take care of recruiting talent, managing all production and managing distribution. When it comes to creating this bespoke, high-value content, CMC offers its customers industry-leading payment packages.

Cloud Media Center (CMC), based in Ponte Vedra, Fla., Sells digital advertising inventory through a cloud-based distribution and analytics platform that seamlessly connects advertisers to content providers and publishers. The result maximizes collaboration – unleashing synergies of next-level advertising campaigns. CMC’s next-generation platform and best-in-class dashboards, created by former Intel developers, provide front-end AI-based microtargeting and easy-to-understand real-time analytics on the backend. Content producers, advertisers and publishers will have all the tools and data they need to optimize campaigns, and do it quickly and accurately. Visit the CMC website here.

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