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When you step through the archaic doorstep, the aged parquet creaks under your feet, the sound echoes through the building. Then everything becomes silent. You enter the building. Taking a shaky breath, you start to notice the smell filling the rooms. The smell of old paper tickles your nose. The subtle notes of the music meet your ears, calming you down. You continue to walk, noticing the tall shelves filled with books. You can almost hear the stories whispered to you. Some whispers tell the story of knights saving princesses, while others tell the stories of ancient civilizations and how they came to be. You stop walking when you spot what you were looking for. Running your finger along its spine, you grab the book from its comfortable spot on the shelf. You then spot a worn chair tucked away in a corner. The lamp next to it emits a soft glow. You walk over to the chair and sit there. After settling in, you open the book and you are immediately drawn into a world of adventure.

It can be difficult to find a book to read. It can be even more difficult to access books in general. Fortunately, here at Connersville High School we have the Media Center, which is our school’s library and resource center. You can stop by before, during, or after school to find any books you might need to complete this research or read for fun. Most English teachers take their lessons to the Media Center so that students can choose their reading books without having to miss any lessons in class. While having a diverse selection of books to choose from, the Media Center also provides computers and a printer for CHS students and faculty. This can be useful if you need to print an assignment and a teacher does not have a printer in their room.

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