Conservative media feud as NAO accuses pro-Trump Newsmax of being a ‘left’ network

  • A One America News host accused Newsmax of being a “leftist organization,” Newsweek reported.
  • He said Newsmax did not sufficiently support former President Donald Trump after the 2020 election.
  • Both stations openly support Trump and are popular in right-wing circles.

As a growing number of conservatives shift from Fox News to more right-wing media, the battle for pro-Trump views is well underway for One America News (OAN) and Newsmax.

So much so that an OAN host challenged the right-wing credentials of the pro-Trump Newsmax as a “left-wing organization,” Newsweek reported.

In a recent segment, reporter Pearson Sharp accused Newsmax of pretending to be conservative but not supporting former President Donald Trump enough.

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“Then there was Newsmax, which likes to project an image of being home to conservative, right-wing or at the very least center-right news,” Pearson Sharp said. “A place where anyone who’s fed up with the increasingly left angles of Fox can find a new take on the news. But is it really?”

Sharp went on to criticize Newsmax for its coverage of the 2020 election results.

“If you dig deeper into the Newsmax image of so-called conservative news, you’ll find a very different organization, much more to the left,” he said.

“Newsmax threw Trump under the bus and buckled up almost immediately, declaring Biden the next president, despite all evidence of massive fraud and without waiting for contested battlefield states to complete their investigations,” Pearson added.

Newsmax began using the title “president-elect” to refer to Biden from mid-December, The Hill said. OAN, however, consistently referred to Trump as “President Trump” and President Biden as “Joe Biden” or “Biden” until April, the New York Times reported.

There is, however, very little evidence to suggest that Newsmax has a leftist bias. The media, which averages around 150,000 viewers a day in total, has an editorial policy of “supporting the president [Trump] and its policies, ”the network founder told The New Yorker. The former president, in turn, often sang the praises of the media.

He was sued for libel by Dominion Voting Systems after constantly promoting false allegations about the rigged 2020 election against the former president, Insider’s Jacob Shamsian reported.

OAN is also popular in conservative circles, but has a much smaller audience, the Daily Beast reported. He prides himself more explicitly on his pro-Trump credentials than on his rival. The outlet has described itself as one of Trump’s “biggest supporters”, The Hill reported.

The medium is also well known for promoting baseless conspiracy theories of voter fraud.

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