Curtis Media Center becomes Carolina’s newest building

The UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media and Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz officially opened Carolina’s newest building — the Curtis Media Center — Thursday night.

Located next to Carroll Hall at the campus entrance facing Cameron Avenue, the nearly 13,000-square-foot, three-story building includes a high-tech broadcast studio, podcast studio, creative space and four state-of-the-art classrooms. The Curtis Media Center will host classes this summer.

“Take a moment and imagine with me what will happen in this space: the real magic of discovery, creativity and training the next generation of journalists. It will be a special place; and it is an honor to dedicate it today,” Guskiewicz said during the ceremony held in one of the classrooms.

Don Curtis ’63—an alumnus and former UNC board member—and the visionary gift of his family foundation made the building a reality. The $10 million gift from the Curtis family is the second-largest gift in school history. The gift funded the construction of the building, while expanding the powerful student learning experiences funded by the Don and Barbara Curtis Excellence Fund for Extracurricular Activities.

Referencing his love for Disney World, Curtis said Carolina is a place for “dreamers and believers,” just like he was when he was a student here for 60 years, and he hopes the Curtis Media Center will help continue this tradition.

“I dream that this building provides a place where dreamers and believers can come to learn for years to come and hopefully prepare for a future that will make North Carolina better,” Curtis said.

With innovations and hands-on learning experiences for Tar Heels from basement to rooftop, the new facility, said UNC Hussman Dean Emeritus Susan King, is a transformative place for everyone.

“It’s something that will serve students for decades and decades, and there will be hundreds and hundreds of students who can come here in a totally different way,” King said.

A 3,000 square foot manufacturing space on the lower level will provide space for FashionMash, a branding-focused UNC Hussman program for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The first-floor broadcast studio will serve as a learning space for the school’s broadcast students. In addition to a 16ft x 9ft high-definition LED screen, green screen and production space, the studio will also have a direct connection to UNC Athletics facilities and can be used as a studio. briefing to Carolina faculty members to share their expertise on TV shows. A podcast studio on the second floor will provide all the tools students need to bring their audio projects to life.

Two floors of classrooms will create active learning experiences for students. Each room is designed with virtual microphones, cameras, high definition projection screens and display monitors.

The roof features a photovoltaic solar panel that will reduce the building’s energy requirements by 25% or more. Sunny days will return electricity to the University grid. The equipment was funded by the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committeea student-led committee that plans and implements renewable energy and energy efficiency projects on campus.

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