Digital Yoog launches PR publication in print media in over 50 cities in India


With the advent of digital media and the reign of social media, news and other content is at your fingertips. But there are many regions and regions of the world where the print media still reaches. The regional press has its own value when it comes to relaying information of various types through the written press.

Due to the increase in information consumption in digital media, articles and content for print media lack creativity and have become commonplace. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Digital Yoog initiated the development of innovative content for print media for their client, existing and new. From infomercial to character creation, Digital Yoog does it all, with style.

Since the creation of Digital Yoog in 2019, the founder, Mr. Ganesh Sharma aka. Santy Sharma has helped many businesses turn around through innovative content marketing and public relations. Resources, in which PR is generated through the various media, are the key to the propagation of content and related campaigns and this is what Digital Yoog has too. With this trust in heart, Digital Yoog has executed numerous campaigns for its clients.

Digital Yoog now covers 30 cities across India for regional PR publishing and its content related work is undertaken. The eminent team of writers produce pioneering content. The team is separated to work on the tabloids and daily magazines in a different way.

The target audience is taken into consideration before the content is generated by the team to synchronize with the brands and services launched, in order to enhance the effect of the campaign.

Despite enormous competition from electronic and digital media, print media have survived and will continue to do so not only in fragments, but as a whole. For regional content, especially rural content, the written press is one of the effective means of communication and advertising. Digital Yoog not only governs the content but also the timing and space of publication, with expertise.

Whether it’s health or financial services magazines, newspapers or tabloids, Digital Yoog provides end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to connect with customers in a unique way.

Digital Yoog is one of those digital marketing companies that provides a range of services that are generally not available in-house for many due to their expertise or high expense. Ranging from strategic and corporate communications, risk mitigation, content promotion, employee engagement, brand promotion and more. Generating high quality PR content is the key expertise that Digital Yoog has.

The generated content is propagated through various trusted and verified media to provide maximum coverage of news, product, fame, etc. These media have been strategically chosen based on the readership base ranging from the elite to the masses.

When it comes to influential branding and marketing campaigns via infomercials, Digital Yoog’s competence is unbeatable. They have an in-house graphics team to handle all client design needs related to public relations and marketing.

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