Government’s new print media policy could boost digital index and reduce print revenues


Prakash Javadekar

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has published draft policy guidelines for the establishment of social media platforms. The ministry has also restructured the prices of PSU ads in newspapers, which is likely to affect the overall revenues of the already struggling sector. The guidelines will come into effect on August 1, 2020.

Under the new guidelines, social media platforms with 25 million unique monthly users will be eligible for government ads. In the draft policy, the government also defined platforms, web or mobile applications, which allow the creation, access and exchange of user-generated content in the form of text, audiovisual, graphics or animation.

The government has proposed that the Office of Outreach and Communication be allowed to bid for the purchase of a programmatic advertising inventory. It is mentioned that the ministries and departments should place 100% of the funds in advance with the BOC for the campaign to be carried out. Until now, government ads on YouTube and video streaming sites have been delivered through private agencies.

The policy also proposed significant changes to newspaper advertisements by PSUs. The policy says that the Navratna and Maharatna PSUs will advertise at subsidized rates, 1.5 times more than government rates. These PSUs previously bought advertisements at commercial rates, nearly four times the government rate.

Experts say the move is likely to impact the earnings of major newspapers. The policy states that 80% of the ads in terms of space should appear in regional and Hindi publications and that publications in English cannot get more than 20%.

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  • Rv Subraman- 1 year ago

    indira Gandhi did the same during the emergency BJP Advani abandoned him Vinasakale, vibaretha buddhi


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