Hairenik Media Center receives generous start of funding


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WATERTOWN, MA — Recently, two fundraisers were held on Facebook for the construction of a new multimedia studio on the fourth floor of the Hairenik building in Watertown. During the two months and birthdays of the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Eastern Region of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) George Aghjayan and the former editor of Armenian Weekly Georgi-Ann Bargamian Ochagan, 140 people generously donates over $ 18,000 to the Armenian Cultural Association of America Inc. (ACAA) for this worthy cause. The new studio will enable the production of audio and video content that meets the needs of the Armenian-American community, ”Aghjayan said, explaining that the project is expected to cost well over $ 100,000 to raise through a number of initiatives.

Aghjayan and Bargamian Oshagan had never held a birthday fundraiser on Facebook before, but they had noticed the trend on the social media platform and decided to use it for the media center. “I chose to help ACAA launch the important first step of this project because now – more than ever – a modern space is needed to amplify and expand the collective voice and reach of ARF, ARS [Armenian Relief Society], AYF [Armenian Youth Federation], Homenetmen and Hamazkayin all have their headquarters at Hairenik, ”Bargamian Oshagan said at the fundraising launch. Its goal, which was exceeded by several hundred dollars, was to raise enough funds to cover the announced cost of electrical work for the media center.

Donations can be made to the ACAA either in line or by sending a check to 80 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472 with “Media Center” in the memo section. The Armenian Cultural Association of America Inc (ACAA) is a 501 (c) (3) that sponsors cultural and educational projects, including grants to the Hairenik Association. The Hairenik Association produces cutting-edge newspapers, periodicals, books and digital content in English and Armenian. Its publications include the oldest Armenian newspaper in the world (since 1899) and the English-language Armenian Weekly, which has a weekly online readership of tens of thousands. All donations to the ACAA are tax deductible.

Aghjayan and Bargamian Oshagan expressed their sincere gratitude to all who generously donated to their fundraisers, making their birthdays even more meaningful knowing that the Hairenik Media Center is about to become a reality.

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