Heidelberg Print Media Center Atlanta receives 1,000 visitors in 2019


In 2019, that of Heidelberg Print Media Center Atlanta (PMC Atlanta) has educated, trained and supported nearly 1,000 printers through events, training and demonstrations. PMC Atlanta is home to the North American headquarters in Heidelberg and is the largest printing demonstration center outside of Heidelberg, Germany. PMC Atlanta has partnered up and attracted clients around the world, with a particular focus on North America.

Atlanta Print Media Center

Events for all printers: beginners or experienced. Big or small.

Over the past year, Heidelberg North America has hosted four open houses with over 100 customers at each event. Each open house highlighted a particular theme, be it business, packaging or label, while giving customers the resources to see new equipment at each event.

The main focus of all events has been to show how Heidelberg’s workflow, equipment, products and services all work together to provide customers with an efficient solution for their business. According to Errol Moebius, director of Print Media Center Atlanta, “Here at Print Media Center Atlanta, we strive to show our customers how they can make their own print shops more productive and efficient. We want clients to leave our events with a full understanding of the Heidelberg portfolio as well as our data collection to promote Smart Business Intelligence (BI).

In addition to the open houses, PMC Atlanta has also hosted several industry events including G7 training with IDEAlliance and IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) events, in order to network and stay in touch with the ever-changing printing industry. PMC Atlanta also welcomes and nurtures the next generation of printers and designers by opening its doors to academic tours and facilitating Skills United States competitions and training for printing students.

“From industry professionals to aspiring printers, PMC Atlanta is the perfect place to network, learn about new technologies, give demonstrations and train future professionals in the printing industry. We are very happy to be able to welcome and support printers and graphic arts students at all stages of their careers under one roof, ”said Felix Mueller, President of Heidelberg Americas.

“The event I attended in Heidelberg was a very well spent time. I oversee all aspects of production in our factory and my time is tight. By providing relevant information on technological advancements, efficient processes and demonstrations of new equipment during a professional and comprehensive open house, Heidelberg once again proves that it is the industry leader, ”said Julia Farmer , vice president of operations at Intellicor Communications in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Unique demonstrations for each client

Another popular activity at PMC Atlanta is one-on-one customer demos. Each week, customers visit PMC Atlanta for in-person or remote demonstrations via streaming services. Equipped with state-of-the-art demonstrators, more than 10 machines from prepress to press to finishing and various technologies, Heidelberg can present its offerings through these demonstrations, whether it is an intimate personalized demonstration or a free webinar open to the public.

“At Print Media Center Atlanta, we’re here to serve our customers and show them the capabilities of our machines and our workflow. Whether a customer needs a demo, webinar, remote demo, customer solution testing or digital samples, we’re available to help, ”said Moebius.

Training to help customers achieve maximum productivity

PMC Atlanta also offers several training courses to help operators understand Heidelberg equipment technologies. According to Moebius, “For Heidelberg to continue to be successful, we need our customers to be successful too. Training helps our customers fully understand the capabilities of our equipment and helps them achieve maximum productivity faster. “

Equipment for all printers

In order to keep abreast of the latest technology available, PMC Atlanta constantly rotates equipment as it becomes available. Whether it is production or plate manufacturing workflows, offset or digital machines, commercial postpress, packaging postpress or narrow web label presses, PMC Atlanta always brings the latest technology to the forefront. serve all printing companies.

“Our customers continue to revisit PMC Atlanta because of our updated equipment,” said Moebius. “We also make sure that we have in-house equipment for all sizes of print shops and all job requirements – always something to see for printers here in Heidelberg! “

Source: Heidelberg

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