Is the print media really accountable and accountable?

“Digital media is not subject to the same responsibility as print media. Social media is in a sorry state. New media lacks the knowledge of right and wrong and the ability to research information before publish them.

The above statement was made by Judge NV Ramana. In fact, much of what the Hon. Judge Ramana said it was true. Suppose the wallet PLATFORM’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital media is irresponsible. In India, there is no comprehensive print media ecosystem to curate portfolio PLATFORM’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest updates, photos, videos are just a click away, CLICK NOW”>media digital. We could anticipate the desired change once it happens in the future.

Let’s first talk about the responsibility and obligation of the written press. The Press Council is one of the governing bodies. The print media has strayed from the path of accountability for decades. Every print medium has a political affiliation. But they create careless cock-and-bull stories in the name of a political agenda.

How do you hold the print media accountable for their hate campaigns against political parties they don’t support? Print media has a long history of generating stories based on their whims and fancies and knowing the ins and outs of legal loopholes. How is this a responsible and imputable act? Some news publications report details of a private discussion between a Prime Minister and a Chief Minister. How can they act like this when they are responsible? Neither would specifically refer to this daily news while discussing their topics. Moreover, these articles only appear in one or two specific daily newspapers and never make the front page of national newspapers.

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