ISU Writing and Media Center to Host First Poetry Night Event | limelight

The Writing and Media Center will host its first Poetry Night and invites all members of the Ames community and the State of Iowa to attend.

The event will take place at the Memorial Union Maintenance Shop from 7-9 p.m. on March 10 and promises to be an open space where everyone can share their poetry and prose. There will be light desserts and hot chocolate for participants.

Originally intended to be exclusively for staff of the Writing and Media Center, Poetry Night is a free entry event, the first of its kind. Regardless of their previous experience, any student or staff member can register before the event and share their original work. If a participant wishes to share a piece by an author of their choice, Poetry Night also offers this possibility.

Alexa Gormley, a senior graduate and one of the leaders of Poetry Night, said: “It will be a safe and welcoming space because many of the events that take place at Ames are hosted by real poetry groups, and these can be intimidating. It will be a space for everyone and especially for beginners.

Gormley also encourages students to not be afraid to read and to take this opportunity to get involved in the poetry space. If participants are hesitant to read in public, there is still much to learn from just listening.

The Memorial Union is known for hosting open-mic events; however, there has never been an event devoted exclusively to poetry. The goal of the Writing and Media Center is to create a space where students can be excited about writing in this medium and not be intimidated by other artistic aspects that are typically presented in an open-mic event. .

Additionally, other members of poetry groups WMC and Ames are expected to attend “Poetry Night.” This opens up the possibility of a more engaging evening where students can get feedback on some of their original work.

“Our goal is to make it an annual or semi-annual event depending on how that first event goes, but we’re really excited about it,” says Gormley. The Maintenance Workshop will bring a different feel and hopefully improve the overall experience.

For anyone interested in attending the WMC, please share a sample video of the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational it gives an idea of ​​what a poetic event can look like.

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