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The ITV School of Media and Management has introduced a new concept: the press room as a classroom

BestMediaInfoBureau | Delhi | October 15, 2014

ITV School of Media and Management, promoted by ITV Media Network, introduces specialized short courses that offer the opportunity to work in broadcast news channels. For the first time in the history of media literacy, newsrooms will function as classrooms. Students will have the chance to learn from professionals and will have unique opportunities to work in professional channels.

ITV School of Media and Management (ITVSMM) is the leading media and management institute offering training, research and development in the field of audiovisual news. It offers a rich and dynamic environment to develop new ideas and launch new careers. A faculty of internationally renowned media creators and leading academics engage students in the daily work dynamics and technology of the media industry.

Media aspirants have the choice of many short-term certificate courses at the ITV School of Media and Management. With access to the national network and professional resources, the programs provide a solid foundation for a future in media. The courses will help students learn all aspects of journalism – editorial and technical. And they have the opportunity to work in a news channel for a year to put the theory into practice.

â ???? This institute is aimed at enthusiasts of the news media. To students who want to work in media and who don’t have opportunities, we want to give them this platform, ”???? said Kartikey Sharma, CEO of ITV Media Network.

Sharma added: “There is immense competition and as media professionals it is our responsibility not to get lost in the confusion and to disseminate information with clarity and integrity. So the course at ITVSMM will not teach students from books but from real scenes as the action unfolds.

The ITV School of Media and Management offers the opportunity to learn in up to seven TV studios, TV newsrooms, assignment offices, exit offices, NRCS (newsroom computer systems), department of ingestion, India’s teleportation system. New.

Courses offered in ITVSMM include Graphic Design and Animation, Video Editing, Videography, Broadcast Journalism, Studio Production (PCR), and Social Media Management.

The school will provide 100 percent guaranteed placements in ITV news channels. ITV is India’s fastest growing news network, with two national news channels, NewsX in English and India News in Hindi. ITV Network has a dominant presence in the heart of Hindi with its four regional news channels: India News UP / Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh and India News Haryana. The network also operates two popular newspapers â € “ Aaj Samaj, the fastest growing Hindi daily in North India, and The Sunday Guardian, a Sunday newspaper.

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