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Celebrate the gift of local print media

There is so much in our daily view that can distract and alter our focus, shape our world view that can lead to feelings of repetitive sadness, hopelessness, and disappointment. Today, we all need to search intensely for information and perspectives that embrace the ethics of uplifting, forging better lives, and standing up for lives well lived.

The freelance star, Stars and Stripes weekly insert published and the monthly Fredericksburg Front Porch Magazine offer joy and celebration through the written words, filling a void in our minds and spirits and bringing us face to face and linked to a landscape of talent, grace and beauty.

We must cherish, support and embrace local print media if we are to move to a higher way of thinking and being.

I think we often forget to recognize our long-standing gift of local newspapers and magazines across the United States. We here in Fredericksburg are fortunate to have The Free Lance – Star and the Fredericksburg Front Porch Magazine.

May we all continue to support and celebrate this gift kept under the Constitution of the United States – our free press. We need these great ways to lift our spirits in these difficult times more than ever.

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