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The LSU Digital Media Center hosted the Global Game Jam from January 31 to February 2. This is the sixth time that this event has been organized by the University.

At Global Game Jam, participants form teams and work for 48 hours to create a video game. Each has their own skills that they bring to the table, like Talia Teplilitzky who oversaw the functions of the game.

“I’m working on the functionality of how things interact,” Teplilitzky said. “I’ve been working on the dialog feature, and now I’m working on the possibility of linking the keys.”

Some teams entered the game jam knowing each other and who they wanted to work with, while others were added to a team of completely new people.

Global Game Jam started as a small event with several hundred attendees and now has more than 35,000 attendees worldwide in around 500 locations, according to director of digital media arts and engineering Marc Aubanel.

Game jams started in the industry as developers tested their software. Developers would have to sit down and wait for hours to see if any bugs popped up in their games.

“Instead of reading a magazine or a book, we would make jam,” Aubanel said. “We made games that were generally the complete opposite of the game we were making. It was only recently that a lot of colleges were filmed outdoors in an event.

The idea of ​​Global Game Jam is that people can get together in a very short time and create something, Aubanel said.

“It’s like a sprint or a marathon,” Aubanel said. “You rush to do something where there clearly isn’t enough time to do something well. It’s that pressure and intensity that creates creative breakthroughs.

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First-year computer science student Kha Le said the event is a very collaborative experience. Without everyone working together and communicating, nothing would get done, especially with the tight deadline.

“Work the game with other people,” Le said. “It’s so cool that everyone is collaborating on something, discussing the details, solving the problems. “

Some participants had never made a game before, but wanted to try it out because of their love for video games or their desire to try something new.

“We all have a passion for video games, and we’ve always wanted to get into it,” said Taylor Waterman. “This is the first time that we have created a game.”

Just like in the past, new and old attendees have all said they would like to come back to participate in next year’s Global Game Jam.

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