Mainstream media continues to platform known disinformator Carrie Severino

Severino and the Judicial Crisis Network have a well-documented history of promoting false and misleading court-related talking points in support of a right-wing agenda.

Following the Supreme Court leak, Severino repeated unsubstantiated reports circulating in right-wing media that Alito had gone into hiding due to threats from pro-abortion activists. Her too tweeted on the “fervent desire of left-wing black money groups to undermine and corrupt our judicial system”, although Severino’s own organization, Judicial Crisis Network, is a black money group that has become known for influencing nominations judicial.

Severino also participated in the right-wing smear campaign against incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. On the March 20, 2022 edition of Fox News’ Fox and friends weekend, Severino promoted a right-wing smear that Brown Jackson was soft on sex offenders, saying there were “concerns about his softness on crime and particularly his approach to sex criminals, which is really disturbing.” These baseless claims have also been circulated on extremist platforms used by white nationalists and QAnon supporters.

In 2018, Severino and Fox News commentator Mollie Hemingway published Justice On Trial, a book about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation that claimed to “produce an objective narrative that reflects respect for the rule of law and the presumption of innocence. “. An objective account of Kavanaugh from Severino and Hemingway, a pro-Trump pundit, would have been impossible, as the Judicial Crisis Network spent $22 million securing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. During Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, Severino appeared on Fox News at least 27 times, frequently defending Kavanaugh from critics and portraying him as a victim of the scrutiny of his character and record. Severino complained, “We are smearing a poor man’s reputation”, and said the allegations against him were “an ‘attempted smear campaign'”.

Also in Justice on Trial, Severino and Hemingway slandered Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, with baseless libels. The book touted reports of Ford’s “interactions with boys and men” as a teenager, noting that “many of Ford’s high school acquaintances revealed unflattering details about his high school behavior – some of them really salacious,” implying that Ford was sexually promiscuous without any verification. support such assertions.

Severino also attempted to downplay Kavanaugh’s reported assault on Blasey Ford as “gross” or simply “rough play”, ultimately resorting to the claim that Ford accused the wrong person.

Other examples of Severino and the Judicial Crisis Network contributing to right-wing lies and attacks include:

  • Severino and the Judicial Crisis Network repeatedly pushed a lie-fueled campaign against Vanita Gupta, then a candidate for associate attorney general, who misrepresented her stance on defunding police departments, abolishing the death penalty and criminal justice reform. JCN’s $800,000 campaign leaked through the Fox News smear machine, but failed to defeat Gupta’s nomination.
  • While appearing on Fox News Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream, Severino pushed anti-trans misinformation by implying that allowing trans women to choose their preferred toilets will increase violence against women: “Can biological men be forced into locker rooms, women’s locker rooms , with all the attendant safety issues?” This “bathroom predator” myth has been repeatedly debunked by experts in areas where LGBT discrimination protections have seen no reported incidents of sexual predators taking advantage of the laws.
  • In 2016, Severino repeated false claims that then-Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland was anti-gun, saying, “He’s got a gun vote that makes us think he doesn’t even think not that you have the right to have a gun in your second amendment. own home for your own protection,” while appearing on ABC’s This Week. She previously claimed that “in 2007, Judge Garland voted to overturn a DC Circuit Court ruling striking down one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation,” although Garland did not issue no opinion on the case and was joined by a conservative judge. in his vote to rehear the case.
  • Severino also appeared on CNN CNN Newsroom to make similar misleading claims about Garland’s Second Amendment record. Severino said Garland was a “voting reliable liberal…especially when you look at his rulings on things like the Second Amendment which he is hostile to.”
  • Severino and the Judicial Crisis Network were also behind the defamation of a then-potential candidate for an open Supreme Court seat, for which Garland was eventually nominated. Severino pushed the lie that Judge Jane Kelly, while working as a public defender in Iowa, “argued that her client was not a threat to society”, when in fact Kelly was presenting the perspective of a psychologist that her client had seen, not her own.
  • Severino singled out a 2012 Michigan Supreme Court nominee for helping to represent Guantanamo detainees, obscuring the fact that the idea that detainees should be denied representation had been repeatedly discredited.
  • Severino wrote a blog in 2012 telling Catholics they were in an abusive relationship with President Barack Obama and therefore Catholic organizations should not support his policy of ensuring women have access to medical coverage. insurance for birth control.
  • Severino was part of a baseless effort to force Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan to recuse herself from any Affordable Care Act case.
  • Severino falsely claimed that then-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was ‘uncertain about the declaration of independence’ because she said she would rely on the Constitution instead of the idea of ​​natural rights to interpret the law during his confirmation hearing.

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