New booking system puts print media online


Digital agency MEA today announced the nationwide rollout of its online media reservation platform for classifieds. MEA’s media reservation system facilitates classified advertising through a single process that takes care of everything from layout and verification to reservation and shipping.

Already used by some customers, MEA’s media reservation system has been updated with new features and for ease of use. The easy-to-follow online reservation system, coupled with personalized customer service, is an easy way to manage communication through classifieds.

Easy online booking for classified ads in print media

A one-stop-shop process that handles everything from layout to shipping

Personalized customer service saves money

Boards, insolvency practitioners, attorneys, and government agencies, who continue to communicate through classified ads, use MEA’s media reservation system to easily make reservations and save money.

The service connects to national and regional print media, creating a bridge between traditional print media and new connected ways of working.

Classifieds just got easy.Said Rod Macfarlane, director at MEA. “We move physical work practices to a single online process and make it easy for our customers to work remotely. “

A Media booking guide and YouTube preview is available for more details.

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