North Platte High School’s New Media Center Isn’t Your Mom’s Library | Local

“When we come here, they always help us with what we need,” Haneborg said. “At the tables they have Play-Doh, or you can make bracelets and stuff like that. When you walk in here, you always feel like you have something to do.

Haneborg said she felt she performed better in the new setting.

“It helps me do my job,” Haneborg said. “I want my job done so I can relax and there are things for me to do here.”

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Tatman also plays music in the library and the atmosphere helps make it a place where students want to be.

“With the music and the different activities, I wanted to completely change the way kids look at the library,” Tatman said. “It’s no longer just a quiet place where children come and don’t talk. I want them to feel comfortable, to have things they can come to because they need a break.

Tatman said the library was always devoted to books.

“They’re still looking at books, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on as well,” Tatman said. “They’re kids at heart, so they’ll sit and squeeze Play-Doh while they work on different things just to calm them down and help them focus.”

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