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Kaitlyn Heims, junior in English, and Hannah Sams, senior in marketing, are both communications consultants at the Writing and Media Center. Heims and Sams attended the welcome event at the Carver Hall site to plan the new semester and talk to each other.

With three locations, new hours, and the addition of online consultations, the Writing and Media Center provides assistance with all forms of communication to Iowa State students.

All three Writing and Media Center locations will reopen on Tuesday. With multiple locations, all located on the Orange 23 CyRide route, the Writing and Media Center is able to reach large numbers of students all around the campus.

The Writing and Media Center communication consultants will help students meet all of their written, oral, visual and electronic communication needs for essays, emails, presentations and more.

Students can also get help at any point in the process. They can go to a date with just the prompt for a final document or draft.

Margaret Kaus, a postgraduate student, started in August as graduate assistant director at the Writing and Media Center. Kaus said the online consultations are something other writing centers across the country have provided.

The new online consultation service at the Iowa State Writing and Media Center now allows students to make an appointment without having to go for an in-person consultation.

Kaus said online consultations are a way to make the writing and media center more accessible to more Iowa state students, as it may be easier for students with disabilities, college students who live off campus and other circumstances.

Having three locations isn’t new, but it’s a big part of the work the Writing and Media Center does for students.

“The reason we have three locations is accessibility,” Kaus said. “We want to meet the students where they are.

The primary location is Carver Hall 208. Nearby is location 130D of the Parks Library, and near the Lied Recreation Sports Center is location 1020 of the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center.

The locations have now changed hours based on how busy each location is at what times. The staggered hours leave more time for students to get to the Writing and Media Center.

Kaus said they know the students study at the Parks library, so they have night hours there. When students are not in class and may already be at the library, they can make an appointment during these hours.

The Hixson-Lied Student Success Center is located near several residences, including Oak, Elm, and Maple-Willow-Larch.

Writing and Media Center

The Writing and Media Center bulletin board at the Carver 208 location. This semester, the bulletin board will feature a communications consultant.

The Writing and Media Center communication consultants are the ones who help students work and improve the effectiveness of their writing through half-hour or one-hour consultations.

Students can make an appointment with a communications consultant by visiting the Editorial and Media Center site. Students can create an account and then make an appointment.

“During these [consultation] Sometimes our consultants will sort of make a plan: “What are you interested in talking about today? What are your goals? ”” Said Kaus. “We want to make sure we’re doing what the students want, what the clients want. “

Hannah Sams, senior in marketing, said that as a communications consultant, she walks in and looks at the dates she has for that day. When scheduling an appointment, students can download what they are working on, which Sams will review.

Something Sams said she enjoys working as a communications consultant is being able to work with students from all fields of study.

Kaitlyn Heims, Junior in English, is another communications consultant at Writing and Media Center.

“I think most of our [communication consultants] use a more minimalist tutoring style, so it’s kind of asking students questions, kind of asking them to find the answers rather than just telling them, ”Heims said. “So it helps them not only to improve their articles, but also to become better writers and communicators.”

Students can also get help with an upcoming speech or presentation. Heims said she asked several students to practice their speeches in front of her; she would take notes and then give them feedback on what they could do to improve.

Ana Mier, senior in English, went to the Writing and Media Center to get help with some papers when she was taking the 250 English course. Mier then started as an administrative assistant and is now a consultant. in communication.

Mier said that part of her job that she enjoys is talking to people and getting to know them. A consultation can be more than just working on the task at hand.

“I think one of the biggest feelings I have working there is, I think a lot of people are very self-conscious about their jobs and where they are at; just being able to create a space where they feel comfortable asking for help when they need it is really nice, ”said Mier.

Another service offered by the Writing and Media Center are workshops. Each workshop has a different topic, such as editing strategies or resumes and cover letters. A new workshop that the Writing and Media Center is developing focuses on visual communication.

While the workshops are offered to members of the State of Iowa, the Writing and Media Center has hosted them for other schools.

“I am working on doing community outreach,” Kaus said. “For me, I’ll reach out to high schools in the area; I will contact the Ames Public Library and try to understand how can we work to improve both Ames and the State of Iowa and improve this relationship.

Students interested in these workshops can make a request on the presentations and workshops page of the Writing and Media Centers website.

Hours for the three locations can be found on the Writing and Media Center website along with descriptions of workshops, what resources are available and what services are offered.

Joseph Cheatle, director of the Writing and Media Center and Program Coordinator of the Office of the Dean of Students, can be contacted by those interested in the job and the Writing and Media Centers. Cheatle can be contacted at [email protected] or 515-294-7430.


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