Portland Media Center: New Brand Expands Traditional Community TV Mission



Portland’s community television network has been renamed Portland Media Center, to reflect a growing range of activities.

With roots dating back to 1986, the nonprofit operates Public Access Channel 2 for the City of Portland and Channel 5 for the greater Portland area. Regular programs range from gospel “Lighthouse Jubilees” and golden oldies crooners to interview shows and live broadcasts of Portland City Council meetings.

Located at 516 Congress Street downtown, PMC is home to video production and studio facilities, and offers filming and editing classes to the public. Once someone is certified to use the equipment, it opens the door to volunteering as well as producing a new program.

It is also home to rotating exhibitions of the Union of Visual Artists of Maine and shares space with the Portland Playback Theater Co., the Congolese Community of Maine and Hour Exchange Portland, a community network of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” services. shopping ranging from shopping to gardening.

Speaking at PMC’s launch party on Friday, executive director Tom Handel said the group likes “media” because it says more than the old name, and added “center” to the name for indicate that it is a gathering place for the community.

“We want to identify ourselves as a place, so that’s Portland,” he said. He thanked all of the volunteers who helped with the renovations, from ripping old carpets to painting, and several local businesses who donated to the effort.

Along with the new name, there’s a new logo – recreated on Friday’s celebration cake – and the portlandmedia.org website that will eventually allow users to live-stream shows.

The name change comes five months after CTN hosted its very first telethon, in a weekend fundraiser that raised $ 5,000.


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