Print industry in COVID-19 era – Heidelberg presents print media industry climate report

  • China’s current printing capacity utilization has recovered significantly
  • The packaging and labels segment is very stable during the corona period
  • Heidelberg Cloud data provides trends on the current situation in the printing industry
  • Weekly update at

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) presents its report on the climate of the print media industry to the public for the first time. The company provides weekly updates on the evolution of printing volumes in the packaging and label printing and commercial printing market segments. The representative database of anonymized data consists of approximately 5,000 offset presses selected from all format classes from customers all over the world connected to the Heidelberg Cloud. Current data for about 50 countries per segment is determined from this and displayed on a world map. The colors shown on the country map are indicators of how the current estimated production in printing plants compares to the previous year. The scale ranges from 1 (severe impact of COVID-19 on production) to 8 (production above last year’s level), with 7 representing production at last year’s level.

“With the Print Media Industry Climate Report, we are taking the pulse of our customers,” said Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of Heidelberg. “The weekly climate in the printing industry has been developed to support printing companies especially during the Corona pandemic. It is important that all players in the printing industry understand which market segments and which countries are currently the most affected. The basis of this added value is the large data pool of our cloud, to which almost all newly delivered presses are connected. We publish this information without access restrictions in order to set an example for the industry and are happy to exchange information with printing associations and partners around the world. Together we are harnessing this crisis. “

The Heidelberg estimates provide a representative picture of the current state of the print media industry and indicate where priorities and efforts are needed to support those involved in the industry.

The most important findings of the past four weeks were:

During the corona pandemic, print production in China fell by up to 80% from normal volumes, but recovered as the infection curve declined and has now returned to year-old levels last in the commercial and packaging / label segments.

The packaging and labels segment is very stable during the corona period, mainly due to the growing demand for food and pharmaceutical packaging. However, local supply issues such as the shutdown of paper production in India are negatively impacting this segment in some countries.

While print production in all other countries was stable until mid-March 2020 and was above the level of previous years, the outbreak of the corona pandemic and the closure of countries resulted in a significant reduction in volume. printing worldwide, especially in the commercial sector. market.

With the PMI Climate Report, the Heidelberg Digital Unit, founded in 2018, makes its data science capabilities available. Heidelberg customers can monitor the productivity of their presses in the Heidelberg Assistant. The new Heidelberg Performance Benchmark presented at the drupa press conference provides Heidelberg customers with detailed information on the position of their presses.

Heidelberg Cloud – extensive IIoT network in the newspaper industry
By applying the connectivity solution in a single cloud for all product lines and increasing the connection rate of all newly delivered products, the Heidelberg cloud continues to grow. In the 2019/2020 financial year, more than 13,000 presses and 25,000 Prinect modules will be connected to Heidelberg via IIoT. IIoT networking is becoming increasingly important for all Heidelberg business processes and database usage.

Each month, over 4,000 remote machine sessions are used to troubleshoot service issues.

Over 4 million data records are transferred from machines and Prinect every month as measured values.

In addition, 2TB of data from machine logs and file transfers is transferred every month.

As PMI’s comprehensive reference database, the HDCloud contains anonymized data from 50 million print jobs.

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