Print media remain the number one preference for tourists


According to a survey conducted by Bentley’s Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) and commissioned by International visitor, the International Association of Visitors Information Providers, the written press is the preferred information resource for hotel visitors.

According to the news, the research was conducted by Bentley and analyzed 891 responses from hospitality professionals in locations across North America – US, Canada, and Mexico; in Europe – Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain; and in Africa – South Africa.

The survey found that hospitality professionals overwhelmingly favor the use of print media to assist guests at their properties and suggest that their guests frequently use printed brochures in their hotels 88% of the time.

Hotels continue to believe in the importance of providing visitor information to their guests through a brochure display, and 97% of properties surveyed consider visitor information to be very or extremely important to their guests. Overall, hospitality professionals are at the forefront of the guest experience for tourists and need the best resources to keep the customers of their properties happy.

“Sharing information in printed maps and guides is a shared experience that showcases the knowledge of the hospitality professional,” notes CMT Director Ian Cross. “Print brings together local knowledge, the physical environment and the highly tactile experience of paper to enhance the visitor experience. “

The 2019 Hospitality Visitor Information Survey was conducted between February 2019 and March 2019 and its summary report on key findings was prepared by Professor Ian Cross, Director of the Center for Marketing Technology at the Bentley University.

It was created in conjunction with Visitor International to understand the use and effectiveness of hotel visitor information and the value of this data comes from survey responses provided by front desk staff within the hotel industry.

Its findings are based on the opinions of the check-in and concierge professionals who have the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction with their accommodation.

The written press is the privileged information resource for visitors to the hotel industry

According to the survey, print media are much more valued by customers than electronic news and kiosks. Printed brochures, maps, and guides placed in the lobby are much more likely to be used by guests during their stay. Printed maps are ranked # 1 in Extreme Importance (78%), followed by brochures (74%) and printed guides (62%). If we reduce the ratings of extremely and very important, printed cards and brochures almost tied for first place (91%).

Electronic visitor information kiosks are gaining in importance with an importance rate of 63%, but it is clear that the tactile and physical properties of printed information are favored. Theatrical publications lag behind other media (47%), perhaps suggesting that they serve an entertainment function but do not have the usefulness of a card or brochure.

The value of printed tourist information

Hotel managers and front desk staff appreciate the printed displays and the brochures, guides and maps they contain for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that printed visitor information helps provide a better customer experience for hotel guests. The reasons given range from the surprising idea that in the digital age, brochures and maps deliver information faster than searching for the same information on a mobile device. Plus, a printed brochure facilitates human interaction with a front desk staff concierge.

We live in a world that is increasingly physically isolated, digitally connected but essentially alone. Printed information facilitates communication between people and provides a wealth of knowledge, opinions and data from one trusted source – the janitor. This can lead to incidental information that could lead to a more enjoyable tourist experience rather than disappearing into the burrow of an Internet search. Printing is easily shareable – it helps create a community of shared decisions and experiences.

Another important factor in favor of printed materials is that an easily accessible source of good quality information enhances the reputation of the hotel and its staff. Guest education is key to this guest’s return. Reputation is enhanced with experience when a map is presented by a guest to a concierge who draws a line on a map and calls out key stops and sites along the route.

Hotel reception staff cite the convenience of readily available printed maps and brochures. They are easier and faster to provide instructions, easy to explain, and more efficient than printing digital information for a guest on the hotel’s computer and printer. This saves time and money and improves the customer experience.

Finally, a hotel can be the nucleus of a local business community providing information to customers for visiting local attractions, restaurants and shopping. The hotel and its large brochure stands provide support and income opportunities for local businesses.

Hotel receptionists see the value of printed visitor information

Hotel guests appreciate the printed visitor information to help them find where they need or want to go, leisure or business, with various transportation options. It can provide trail maps as well as a city street map. Many visitors want to know where the best buys are, and guides can provide an easy-to-read checklist of stores, malls, and neighborhoods with additional incentives to buy discounts and coupons printed in the materials or coupons. web links to current offers. Cities and tourist offices provide seasonal information, local events and future programs to keep visitors coming back. Just as theaters can display movie and theater times on a website, a printed brochure is great for promoting the play, the movie theater, and directing the visitor to a website to buy tickets online, read reviews. and improve their experience. Customers appreciate a take-out menu or room service in printed form that can be easily shared by the family with just one glance at the paper menu.

Hospitality Visitor Information Survey concludes that data shows hotel front desk staff in locations across North America, Europe and Africa today overwhelmingly favor brochure displays. in their properties. The front desk staff of the hotel much prefer to help their guests with print media. Electronic kiosks are a useful addition to printed materials within the hotel.

In the digital age, print media are the most popular and map guides and brochures are a very valuable support tool to complement the local knowledge of the front desk and concierge team. Using printouts for maps and directions perhaps shows the value of collecting shared knowledge and shared experience that highlights the knowledge of hotel staff with the guest’s desire to find a new experience. The card facilitates the collaboration of knowledge, physical environment and the highly tactile and sensory experience of using a card, with additional information from the concierge.

Survey data recommends that hotels continue to deliver value to their guests with printed maps, brochures and guides. There is no reason to suggest that customers cannot improve their visitor experiences with the data they collect on their mobile device with the tactile and instant information provided by the front desk.

Data from the Visitor International 2018 study on the use and effectiveness of visitor information and data from this hotel staff survey suggests that print materials continue to play a vital and valuable role in the guest experience. visitors and customers.

Tourist information in Greece

In Greece, the survey was carried out by City contact, the only Greek member of International visitor, the International Association of Tourism Information Providers.

For two decades, City Contact has developed the Information stand system to keep tourists informed through helpful free brochures as well as exclusive partnerships with a plethora of hotels and other locations in the country’s nine most popular travel destinations.

Each year, more than 3.6 million tourists use City Contact information brochures across Greece.

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