Rare recitations of Sheikh Muhammad Rifat given to Egyptian Media Center for Restoration

Tehran (IQNA) – Two grandsons of Sheikh Muhammad Rifat have donated a collection of rare accounts of the late Egyptian qari to a media production center for repair and restoration.

Huna Hussein Muhammad Rifat and Alaeddin Hussein Muhammad Rifat, in a meeting with the head of the center, Abdul Fattah al-Jibali, presented the collection to him, the Dostor.org website reported.

The center, which is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, will repair and restore recorded recitations under the supervision of experienced technical teams.

Muhammad Rifat was born on May 9, 1882 in Cairo. He was only two years old when he lost his sight due to inflammation and infection, and his life was changed from the start.

Muhammad was interested in reciting the Quran as a child. It was something that happened in his family, and Muhammad followed the path of his family, especially his father, in learning the Quran.

Of course, this path was much more difficult for Muhammad than the others, because not having his sight made it difficult, and others had to read the Quran and he learned it.

When he was five, his father took him to the Fazel Basha Mosque, and before he was 10, Muhammad had memorized the entire Quran. His teacher liked him because of his memorization and beautiful recitation of the Quran, so he taught him Tajweed. He gave him the license of memorization and Tajweed of the Quran before he was 16 years old.

With the death of his father, Muhammad Rifat, who was no more than 15 years old; He became the head of the family until he was appointed qari on Friday at the Fazel Mosque, and from there he rose to fame. Many people came to the mosque because of her beautiful voice. He recited in this mosque for 30 years.

In 1934, Radio Egypt was and he was invited to recite the Quran as the first reciter in this medium, thus Surah “Al-Fath” was recited for the first time by Sheikh Muhammad Rifat on Egyptian radio.

Other radio stations around the world, including Radio Berlin, London and Paris, began their programs in Arabic with the recitation of Sheikh Muhammad Rifat during World War II.

Sheikh Muhammad Rifat, in addition to his extraordinary ability to harmonize sound with the verses of the Quran, he was called “Sayyid Adhanguyan” and a large number of people converted to Islam after hearing the Adhan of Sheikh Muhammad Rifat.

Sheikh Muhammad Rifat lived an ascetic and dignified life and he did not even accept the request of the Egyptian non-governmental radio to broadcast his recitation as he felt that inappropriate songs were broadcast on this radio which were not in accordance with the blessings and the teachings of the Quran. verses.

Shortness of breath was a disease and problem that Sheikh Rifat suffered from during the last years of his life, and this incident caused him difficulty in reciting.

Shortness of breath while reciting in one of the Egyptian mosques was a bitter incident that brought the audience to tears because they tried to continue their recitation but they couldn’t and they came down sadly from the rostrum and all the people cried when they saw this scene.

After that, the sheikh was no longer able to recite.

Muhammad Rifat, the famous Qari of the Islamic world, died on May 9, 1950, at the age of 68.

Today, 72 years after the death of this famous reciter, he is still mentioned as one of the stars in the recitation sky of the Islamic world.


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