Renovated multimedia center offers students an innovative learning space



With bright lighting, comfortable seating and modern facilities, students and staff at Tyro High School are enjoying their refurbished media center, completed in November after months of planning by school officials and administrators County.

The renovation, funded by Davidson County Schools, was officially unveiled at an open house on Jan. 24. The event brought together administrators and department heads of the county school organization.

The preliminary work having started last spring for the project, the renovation was completed after only a few days of work. This was the first update to the library in decades, with the shelves being original from the school building and the old cafeteria tables serving as student desks.

“It created a cumbersome space and there wasn’t enough space,” school principal Dr Jonathan Hayes said of the old media center. “This update enabled the media center to invite children to read or research. He just has a lot of different goals and that really helped.

Serving around 635 pupils of the school, the media library now offers many spaces for various literary activities and a welcoming environment for learners.

“It’s inviting. I think the kids are happy to come here. When they walked in and saw it the first time, they were excited and a lot of them were like “I want this piece of furniture in my room at home,” Shelley Carlton, library media coordinator said during the talks. last seven years. “I am very grateful to our county office for its support of libraries. They have been wonderful. From maintenance to administration, they appreciate our libraries. There are a lot of people who have played a role in this. “

For Hayes, the renovation is an evolution towards a more student-friendly space that allows for a different and modern approach to learning.

“We’re trying to have different types of classrooms these days where you have kids who might like to read in a soft chair as opposed to how we’ve always had it with just a desk and that’s it.” , said Hayes. “It gives you choices and I think the kids really appreciate that. “

Carlton believes that the updated and innovative environment will allow its students to better understand the lessons taught to them and encourage reading and research.

“It’s just a big space for the school. It’s for everyone and for all kinds of purposes, ”Carlton said. “We just want to create a culture of literacy and promote a love of reading in addition to just teaching them how to find and use information. We want to help research and help them become lifelong learners. It is about the children.

Caleb Sink is a freelance writer for The Dispatch. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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