Russia names 4 other independent media “foreign agents”



Russia has named four other media outlets as “foreign agents” amid what critics call a growing crackdown on independent journalism.

“On September 3, the Ministry of Justice of Russia entered the following legal entities in the register of foreign media performing the functions of foreign agent: Altair 2021 LLC, Vega 2021 LLC, editor-in-chief 2021 LLC and Romashki Monolit LLC, »The Ministry of Justice announcement in a press release on Friday.

Each of these outlets was created by Russian journalists who had previously been themselves named “foreign agents”: former Open Media journalists Maxim Glikin (Altair 2021 LLC) and Ilya Rozhdestvensky (Vega 2021 LLC); former editor-in-chief of Open Media Yulia Yarosh (editor-in-chief 2021 LLC); and former Proekt journalists Yulia Lukyanova, Sonya Groysman, Maria Zheleznova, Olga Churakova and Pyotr Manyakhin (Romashki Monolit LLC).

Open Media and Proekt both shut down this summer, with the former having its website blocked and the latter being banned as an “unwanted” organization.

“In this case, we are talking about the conscientious observance by these citizens of the requirements of the law established for the persons entered in the register and [the move is] aimed at increasing the transparency of their activities, ”said the press release from the Ministry of Justice.

Organizations branded as “foreign agents” have stringent financial reporting requirements and are legally required to add the designation to anything they publish, including social media posts.

Critics of the Kremlin accuse the authorities of having exerted a new crackdown on independent media in the months leading up to the September 19 parliamentary elections by naming several media and journalists “foreign agents” or “undesirable” organizations. The Kremlin denies these allegations.


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