Russian diplomat urges UK media to apologize to Sputnik V developers

MOSCOW, October 13. / TASS /. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged all British media outlets that published information that Russia stole the formula for a coronavirus vaccine from AstraZeneca to apologize to the developers of Sputnik V.

“And now the reporters of at least one newspaper, the Daily Express, I think, have had enough decency and conscience to apologize,” she wrote on her Telegram channel on Wednesday. “While professional decency based on journalistic standards has not yet finally become an empty phrase for the British media, they still have a chance to preserve a certain likeness of honor and respect for their readers and to apologize to them. from the Russian vaccine developers. ” She added that in addition to The Sun, the apology should also be made by the Independent, the Edinburgh Evening News and other news outlets.

According to the diplomat, when this false news appeared, the Foreign Ministry did not comment on it or publish a rebuttal. “[Russian Foreign Minister] Sergey Lavrov, in response to a corresponding question from the press, noted that we can no longer be surprised by anything regarding the information from the British tabloids, “she added.

Previously, a number of UK newspapers, including the Daily Express, had published articles reporting that Russian intelligence services had obtained information on the formulation of AstraZeneca’s vaccine and later this data was used to develop the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. The RDIF called these articles a “blatant lie based on anonymous sources”.

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