Sambhabana Mohanty: I believe that broadcast media and society just mirror each other

Actress Sambhabana Mohanty is seen in the role of Damini in the TV show “Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan”. The actor feels that the story and the title of the show are unique.

“For us Indians, especially growing up, the first form of love was always called ‘prem’ between Ram-Sita and Radha-Mohan. It is a selfless form of love, pure in essence and unique. In fact, I believe that should be the most exalted form of love. And that love is exactly what we’re trying to portray on the show,” she says.

Speaking of the story, she adds, “In the contemporary world, we are taught to tie ourselves to any relationship that gives you something in return, whether it be affection, money, time or time. ‘Warning. This show is a story in its own right. of love. The love that is rooted in selflessness, a kind of love where there are no expectations in return, that love is as pure as it is innocent, unadulterated. No complaints, no demands and that’s what I feel will separate this show from the others.”

Damini, her character in the series, is today’s girl, well educated, direct and promising. “She grew up in the same household as Mohan and has been in love with him for over 12 years. She is bright, ambitious, runs the household as well as the family business. She is an achiever who does not fail no matter what. he is coming. The only thing left for him to do is to have a successful married life with Mohan (Shabir Ahluwalia),” she reveals.

The backdrop of the show is Vrindavan, a city rich in history. “Well, we all had the opportunity to visit and shoot in Vrindavan and Mathura, all thanks to the show. It is a beautiful city full of peace and spirituality. It gave us a huge boost of spirit Nothing could be happier than starting the project from this godly place,” she says.

A real storyline and relatable characters are what audiences prefer these days. “I believe that broadcast media and society just mirror each other. People see characters and try to be like them, while creators draw inspiration from real people and scenarios to portray in their projects. It’s a cycle and that cycle is what keeps the connection intact,” she explains.

On whether regional connection helps, she adds, “Without a doubt, if a show is Odisha-based, people are not going to connect to a woman wearing a lehenga choli or maybe performing a Lavani. Regional connection gives authenticity to your content and helps the audience connect better,” she explains.

As an actor, Sambhabana takes each new show as a new adventure. “In fact, I take every day as a new adventure. I’m the type to follow the rhythm. So yes, each series, each character is a new adventure full of surprises. We meet new people, we shoot in various environments, we play different types of scenes, we have ups and downs and that’s what keeps my life going,” she adds.

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