State financial support for the local written press – discussion supported by the joint EU-CoE project



At October 26 the online discussion on state financial support for local print media was organized as part of the project “The European Union and the Council of Europe work together to support media freedom in Ukraine”. The discussion was based on the presentation of the expert study conducted in 2021 by Council of Europe consultant Marius Dragomir. The expert presented the main types of state financial support to local news organizations in European countries and suggested several options for Ukraine taking into account the local context and the funding threats and benefits of each option. The report’s findings sparked heated debate among some sixty local print editors.

The 2015 law on the reform of the national and municipal print media laid the groundwork for the privatization of the local press, a process which began in January 2016. As a result, a total of 615 publications were reformed, or about 96 % of total number. state and municipal media that were effectively published at the end of 2018. The financial situation of many local print media in Ukraine is on the verge of collapsing, so there is an urgent need to introduce an effective model of support for the State.

Background information:

The project “The EU and the Council of Europe work together to support media freedom in Ukraine”, funded by the EU and the Council of Europe, aims to strengthen the role of the media, their freedom and their security.

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