TAC’s media outreach program builds skills

“Can we sit in the press box instead of the truck? »

“Who will do the portable in the field? »

“Are the snakes organized and coiled correctly?

“Who is the director? The producer ? The scorebug? Switch it?

Each question is met with a fluttering hand or a pointed “I’ve got it!” or “I’m on it.”

Ken Plaetinck holds court with his team, currently in their second semester of the Audiovisual Media program at the Louis Riel Center for Arts and Technology.

“Okay, let’s test the edit,” said MP, as he is called, as he led the 12 students to the studio.

The team had learned at 9 a.m. that day that they would be broadcasting a high school football championship game at East Side Eagles Field.

The day was going to be busy. The group also planned to work on a volleyball game at Dakota Collegiate. Students, equipment and roles should be revamped and split into two factions.

Student Kyle Bergantim was assigned to broadcast the Eagles, stationed in the stands with a broadcast studio camera, following the action on the pitch and zooming in on key plays based on calls from a student director in the press box.

He appreciates the hands-on nature of the program.

“I work better when I’m working, instead of just studying and reading…and that might get us jobs in the future,” Bergantim said.

MP designed the program “to mimic industry standards and expectations as closely as possible so kids can step into professional production crews and know what to expect.”

Students get internships and jobs with some high-end employers such as Dome Productions (with its TSN and Sportsnet affiliates), the Blue Bombers, True North Sports + Entertainment, University of Manitoba Bisons, William F. Whyte International and a variety of media and video editing companies.

The morning test went well. The students were confident they could put on a solid show, although some will have to brave adverse weather conditions. Their work is particularly appreciated by parents who cannot attend live matches due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All students work with professional-grade equipment, communicate with precision and brevity, consistently problem-solve, and depend on each other in a fast-paced, team environment.

ATC’s Broadcast Media program is one of 13 applied learning or divisional learning electives for 11th and 12th graders to test their interest in thinking outside the box for two semesters during of their last years.

To learn more about this innovative, out-of-the-box program, check out an archive of streamed plays at www.lrsd.tv or contact Ken Plaetinck at [email protected]

Adriano Magnifico is community correspondent for Saint-Boniface. You can contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter: @AnoMagnifico

Adriano Gorgeous

Adriano Gorgeous
Saint-Boniface Community Correspondent

Adriano Magnifico is community correspondent for Saint-Boniface.

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