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Kalyan Jewelers, Joy Alukkas, Malabar Gold, main advertisers in print media: TAM Adex.

By Chehneet Kaur

Television, print, radio and digital media platforms have seen their numbers change dramatically during the second wave of the pandemic.

According to a recent report by TAM AdEx, TV advertising volumes for the retail-jewelry store category increased 52 percent in Jan-Aug’21 compared to Jan-Aug’20 while print ad space increased by 52 percent in Jan-Aug’21 compared to Jan-Aug’20. experienced strong growth of 70 percent for the same category. Over 150 jewelry advertisers advertised over 170 brands on television, over 2,170 advertisers advertised over 2,290 brands on paper, over 170 brands advertised on radio and 330 more on digital.

Lalithaa jewelry mart tops the list of major television jewelry advertisers with 32 percent shares, followed by jewelers Kalyan with 10 percent and Malabar Gold with 8 percent. At its lowest, Bhima Group, KD & Sons and Akshaya Gold were at 3% each. While, on paper, Kalyan Jewelers topped the list with 17% shares, followed by Joy Alukkas, Malabar Gold and Reliance Retail with 12%, 11% and 3% respectively. On radio, Joy Alukkas, GRT and Malabar topped the list with 12 percent, 6 percent and 6 percent, respectively. Digital media saw Malabar Gold, Joy Alukkas, PC Chandra lead with 24, 8 and 7 percent shares, respectively.

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In terms of program categories, the newsletter was the most preferred and topped the list with 43 percent shares. Next come songs from movies, feature films and movie magazines at 11 percent, 10 percent and 7 percent respectively. Comedy and Fitness were at their lowest with 2 percent and 1 percent share respectively. 20-40 seconds was the ad size preferred by jewelry category advertisers with 58 percent share. English, Hindi and Tamil were the most published languages ​​in newspapers with 26, 20 and 13 percent shares, respectively.

My Kalyan Jewelers, Pothys Swarna Mahal, Kalyan Jewelers Aishwaryam were among the top 10 jewelry advertisers in the market.

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Radio stations from 4 southern states accounted for 48 percent of radio ad volumes for the category between January and August 21. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat gained maximum ad share on state-level jewelry.

Display ads accounted for over 90% of total ad insertions by jewelry category between January and August 21. Among digital platforms, mobile display topped 48 percent share, followed by desktop display with 44 percent of the shares.

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