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Gemma Holliani Cahya (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Sat 8 February 2020

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Jakarta Post received two awards at the Union of Print Media Companies (SPS) Indonesia Print Media Awards 2020 (IPMA) during a national press day in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan on Friday.

the To post won the Gold Award for Best Investigative Reporting for its October 29, 2019 edition. The publication featured a special report by journalists Victor Mambor and Syofiardi Bachyul titled “Wamena Investigation: What the Government Does Not Tell Us “.

The report was a collaboration between journalists from the To post, based in Jakarta Tirto.id and Jubi, based in Jayapura. They conducted a field investigation in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, October 3-10 and found what the government had not disclosed.

At least 33 people were killed in deadly unrest in Wamena on September 23.

One of the report’s most important findings is that the government has not disclosed to the public that more than eight indigenous Papuans have died from gunshot wounds inflicted by those locals referred to as “security guards”. The government deployed a joint security force made up of members of the Indonesian national police and military to its easternmost provinces during the days of rioting.

The investigative report is important because the world was not aware of what was happening in the region as the government blocked internet access across the island during the unrest.

the To post also won the Bronze Award for Best of National Newspaper for its April 18, 2019 edition, which featured the story “Five More Years”. The story tells how incumbent President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo got his second term after the 2019 presidential election.

Leading journalists covering the story had spent their time monitoring the presidential election even before the start of the election campaign. They are Karina Tehusijarana, Marguerite Afra Sapiie, Nurul Fitri Ramadhani, Made Anthony Iswara and Ghina Ghaliya.

IPMA is an annual SPS sponsored award to recognize the best of Indonesian print publications. The SPS was established on June 8, 1946 as a union of news publishers in Indonesia.

The union said it received 679 nominations for the IPMA award during the nomination process between November 4, 2019 and January 8.

This is the second time that the To post won an IPMA Gold Award. The newspaper received the gold award in the category of best national newspaper in 2015 for its July 23, 2014 edition.


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