The most credible source of information in the written press: Havas

The print medium has become one of the most credible sources of information for most consumers, brands and marketers, according to a latest research paper from Havas Media Group India.

The results suggest that although it is a daily habit, print media saw a decline in readership during the pandemic last year.

However, consumer expectations continue to grow in newspapers in terms of content and not just news.

Acquiring more knowledge, keeping up to date with current events and improving language skills remain some of the main reasons for reading newspapers.

Additionally, content related to science and technology, global affairs and health remained among the favorite and most read sections after general news.

An in-depth category analysis of media effectiveness for advertisers and marketers revealed that impression plays a key role in influencing brand perception, from quality to price to trust .

“In a digital world, when you have a plethora of choices, credibility and trust become two very important pillars for any selection. And print has proven its credibility time and time again due to the rigor and control systems in place,” said Sivakumar Sundaram, chairman of the executive committee of BCCL, which also publishes ET.

He added that the print media invests heavily in journalistic strength, which is unique to the medium. “That’s why the Times of India and the Economic Times have been recognized among the top 10 most trusted brands,” Sundaram said.

Even in the recent past, digital giants like Google and Facebook have run campaigns in print media, when they wanted to build credibility and trust.

Sanchita Roy, Head of Strategy, Havas Media Group India, said that with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the print industry suffered a huge loss, including due to canceled subscriptions and several other reasons.

“Despite the short-term decline, print is back in force. It continues to be one of the most trusted and credible mediums that help influence brand perceptions. And this is the story of the resurgence of print in India,” she added.

Havas Media Group India’s white paper ‘Meaningful Media – Media That Matters’ decodes the effectiveness of print as a medium and changes in readership behavior during the pandemic.

The research involved stratified random sampling from YouGov’s proprietary panel which consists of 200,000 active panelists in India, aged 21-50, male and female with a current subscription to at least one daily newspaper, spread across 14 cities keys in India.

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