The news media have been ravaged by the pandemic

The news media sector was fragile before the coronavirus began spreading across the country last month. Since then, the economic downturn that has put 30 million Americans out of work has led to pay cuts, layoffs and closures at many news outlets, including weeklies like Seattle’s The Stranger, digital empires like Vox Media and Gannett, the country’s largest newspaper chain.

Finding a sizeable audience hasn’t been a problem for publishers. The thirst for news in times of crisis has sent masses of readers to numerous publications. But with businesses on pause or shuttered — and no longer willing or able to pay for ads — a crucial part of the industry’s support system has cracked.

The New York Times continues to assess the effects of the pandemic on newspapers, magazines and digital media companies through interviews with executives, newsroom workers and labor leaders across the country. In total, about 37,000 employees of news media companies in the United States have been laid off, furloughed or had their pay reduced since the arrival of the coronavirus.

Below is an overview, updated on May 21, of the effect on the industry since the onset of the crisis.

local advance

The news channel whose properties include The Star-Ledger of New Jersey has instituted one-to-two-week furloughs for all staff between May and December and pay cuts of between 2 and 20% for earning employees. over $35,000.

American media

The publisher of The National Enquirer, In Touch and Us Weekly has cut the salaries of all its employees by 23%.


The venerable magazine and news site has laid off 68 employees and cut executive salaries.

Bustle Digital Group

This digital publisher has laid off 24 employees and closed The Outline, a news site aimed at millennials.


The news and lifestyle site laid off 68 employees and cut salaries for all employees, earning more than $40,000 over a two-month period.

Condé Nast

The magazine empire laid off nearly 100 employees after cutting salaries by 10-20% over five months for those earning more than $100,000.

The Dallas Morning News

The newspaper cut pay for newsroom employees by 17% and a higher percentage for executives.

The Economist

The British publisher took on 90 non-editing staff and folded the 1843 print edition, a bimonthly magazine.

euclid media group

This publisher of seven alternative weeklies in cities like Cincinnati, Detroit and San Antonio has laid off more than 70% of its staff.


The parent company of political publications CQ and Roll Call has laid off 30 employees.


The business publication has laid off 35 people, or 10% of its staff.


America’s largest newspaper chain laid off most of its roughly 20,000 employees for a week in April, May and June. The company also confirmed an unknown number of layoffs related to its recent merger with GateHouse Media.

G/O Media

The owner of Gizmodo, Jezebel, The Onion and Deadspin has laid off 14 people, less than 5% of its employees.

Nine Media Group

The publisher of The Dodo and NowThis has laid off around 50 people.

Lee Enterprises

This chain of 70 newspapers, including The Buffalo News and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, has instituted pay cuts and furloughs.

The Los Angeles Times

More than 430 newsroom employees will see their working hours reduced by 20%, or one day a week, throughout the summer.


The press chain which filed for bankruptcy before the crisis furloughed 120 non-editorial employees and laid off four executives.

Media News Group

There were 13 layoffs at the Denver Post, a dozen furloughs at the East Bay Times and reports of other furloughs in newspapers across the country owned by that chain, which is controlled by Alden Global Capital.


More than half of employees in Des Moines, Iowa, publisher of Better Homes and Gardens and People, have received phased pay cuts between 15 and 30 percent.

National Public Radio

The radio and podcasting giant announced phased pay cuts of up to 10% for those earning more than $80,000, with deeper pay cuts for executives.

The New York Post

The tabloid run by media mogul Rupert Murdoch has laid off 20 employees.


The Political-affiliated tech site laid off 13 employees shortly after going live in February.


The international business site has laid off 80 of them.

San Diego Magazine

This city magazine has laid off 37 employees – everyone except the accountant.

Schneps Media

This publisher of about 50 New York-area community newspapers, including amNewYork, has laid off or terminated more than 20 employees.


This newsletter aimed at millennial women fired about 25 people.


The Delta Air Lines publication was shut down, with 16 job cuts.


The online pioneer cut employee pay by 20%, with bigger cuts for executives.

Sports Illustrated

Maven, the venerable publication’s new parent company, laid off 31 people, a group that included Sports Illustrated reporters.

the stranger

This Seattle alternative weekly has laid off 18 employees and hopes to bring them back.

Tampa Bay weather

This Florida newspaper instituted 8-week furloughs for certain non-editorial employees and reduced its print editions to two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday.

The Times Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate

About 12 newsroom workers were laid off at the newspaper’s parent company, Georges Media, while the rest were transferred to four-day work weeks.

Grandstand Edition

This news media company, formerly known as Trunk, announced that it had permanently cut salaries for those earning more than $67,000 by up to 10%. It also furloughed those earning between $40,000 and $67,000 for three weeks, including all newsroom workers at the flagship Chicago Tribune.

Valencia Media

Thirty percent of employees were laid off at the publisher of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

vice media

Vice laid off 100 employees, including 50 in the United States, after instituting four-day work weeks for some staff and cutting wages for others.

Voice media

At least 11 employees, including journalists, were dismissed from this publisher of several alternative weeklies.

Vox Media

Vox laid off nine percent of its staff for three months and cut the salaries of its highest-paid employees by 15 percent.


Thirty employees were laid off at the fashion magazine’s parent company, Future Media Group, and the print edition was suspended.

Edmund Lee, Elizabeth Paton, Jaclyn Peiser and Ben Smith contributed reporting.

Edmund Lee, Elizabeth Paton and Jaclyn Peiser contributed reporting.

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