Transcript: Media Center Press Conference – Mark Rushbrook

THE MODERATOR: Talk about the day you had as a race organization.

RUSHBROOK BRAND: It was a great day, a great race. Lots of changes for lead and strength across all the different manufacturers. Especially when it counted in the end for Kevin and Stewart-Haas to get such a strong restart. And get rid of everyone, and we also had Logano and Blaney up there. Good to see all those Fords up there.

And when it counted, Kevin went on and picked up a really convincing victory. And really important to lock him in the playoffs, but also here in our backyard for the Heritage Trophy to bring that trophy back to Dearborn.

THE MODERATOR: We’ll open it up for questions in the room. If you have one, just raise your hand. We will provide you with a microphone. We’ll start here on the left.

Q There are a lot of special elements in this victory and this performance. Does it mean more to you and Ford in general to have a guy like Kevin do this, given the season Ford and Kevin have had?

RUSHBROOK BRAND: Well, we have great teams and great drivers at every race we go to, and to have some of our drivers locked in and some fighting to get in, whether it’s Blaney or Harvick, there was a lot of pressure there- top weekend to come here, to have a good performance, to get a win.

But especially for Kevin Harvick as the champion driver of the big Stewart-Haas team, the big power Roush Yates in there, it certainly means a lot to make it today and lock him in the playoffs.

Q Is it racing that drives Ford forward, especially as the playoffs approach?

RUSHBROOK BRAND: It’s NASCAR racing. It’s a high level race, and everyone is doing their best in every race. The races have been great all season so far, and we’re going to a lot of different tracks over the next three weekends, from here to Richmond, Watkins Glen and Daytona to round out the season. regular. These are three very different tracks today.

We learned a lot today, and we will continue to learn this new car and continue to give our best every weekend.

Q Cars change. Drivers change. Except Kevin. But Ford continues to win here. You put three in the top five today. Explain why this track is your home court advantage or whatever?

RUSHBROOK BRAND: Well, there sure is a lot of extra attention when we come here from the executives of our company having all the employees here. So we’ve been spending a lot of time with the teams this week leading up to this weekend to let them know how important this is and to ask our Ford teams to work together, whether it’s a driver or team leaders.

But Doug Yates worked very hard in the engine shop. It’s definitely a power track, and he added a little something extra this weekend and definitely paid off.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations again to you and the entire Ford camp.



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