Trump announces his Boeing 757 private jet is set to return as he hints at 2024 presidential race

Writing on Twitter, Eric Trump announced “SHE’S BACK”, as a video showed the word “TRUMP” plastered on the plane in gold writing.

Writing on his Truth Social app, the former president said the plane had been completely modernized and refurbished and looked GREAT, all done in the Great State of Louisiana and returning to the skies at the Fall 2022, or possibly sooner. Be ready!”

The Boeing jet, dubbed Trump Force One, was used frequently as a prop for rallies during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. When he became president, he switched to using the president’s official Boeing 747, Air Strength One.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft previously belonged the 31-year-old jet. The aircraft was equipped with24 carat gold light fixtures and seatbelt buckles by Trump.

“Before becoming the greatest president of all time, I flew across the country in my plane, known as Trump Force One,” he wrote in the email.

“The construction of this plane has been kept secret even the fake media don’t know about it and I can’t wait to unveil it for everyone to see,” the email read.

The email did not directly ask potential donors to contribute financially to the construction of the aircraft. But it included several links to a donation site asking for recurring contributions of up to $2,500 per month.

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