Trump’s social media trial is a nuisance. The media should not bury this fact.


Former President Donald Trump ad a class action lawsuit today against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for its suspension from their platforms following the deadly pro-Trump insurgency on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Trump’s trial is full of questionable (the best) legal reasoning, possesses little chance of success, and seems contradict previous arguments he did about his social media accounts. It’s a frivolous costume that’s, like Adi Robertson written for The Verge, “based on an amalgamation of mostly untested or ignored legal arguments”.

Nonetheless, the mainstream print media treated the trial as a serious legal undertaking by the former president. (Most outlets also reported that Trump immediately started fundraising out of the costume, suggesting another potential motivation for ranking it.)

Axios, who announced the news of this trial before Trump’s announcement, never once mentioned that the trial was frivolous. Indeed, the output seemed to praise Trump for pursuing legal action and noted that “actions targeting Big Tech platforms serve as ammunition for Trump’s conservative base.”

The Wall Street Journal in good place the story on its home page, directly under the cover of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse assassination. the item discussed Trump’s claims and ultimately quoted a lawyer who called the trial “hopelessly frivolous” – but not until the 11th paragraph, buried near the end of the article.

The New York Times acknowledged that the trial could be a “advertising game”, But not before its 11th paragraph. The Times headline, however, noted that Trump was already raising money on the case.

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