Turkey denies British media allegations over plan to establish Afghan refugee center


Turkey’s claim establishing processing center for Afghan asylum seekers does not reflect the truth, foreign ministry says

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Sunday denied claims by British media about the establishment of an asylum processing center in Turkey for Afghan asylum seekers.

“News in the UK press indicating that there are plans to establish an asylum processing center for Afghan asylum seekers in Turkey does not reflect the truth,” the ministry said in a written statement.

The ministry’s statement concerned a reference to Turkey in the British press as part of asylum processing centers to be established in third countries for Afghan asylum seekers.

“No official request has been sent to us from any country until today. If there was such a request, we would not accept it anyway,” he added.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace wrote an article in the Mail On Sunday: They will be airlifted to Britain. “

Although the name of the country was not mentioned in the article, The Mail on Sunday referred to Turkey and Pakistan. Some media also referred to the article in question.

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