UNAMA urges Taliban to stop intimidating Afghan media

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has expressed concern about the situation of media and journalists in Afghanistan, adding that the Taliban has not reduced the number of arbitrary arrests of Afghan journalists.

UNAMA said the Taliban does not allow detained journalists and media workers to have outside contact while in Taliban custody.

The assistance mission notably mentioned Bismillah Watandost who was detained by the Taliban for ten days and was not allowed to come into contact with his family or anyone outside.

Watandost is a local journalist from Kandahar province who was arrested by the Taliban, but the reason for the incarceration is not yet clear.

UNAMA said Watandost was released but other journalists were taken to Taliban prisons.

Earlier, the Taliban arrested three journalists and media workers in Kandahar province, who were later released.

This comes as the Independent Journalists Association of Afghanistan has expressed concern over the spike in violations against the Afghan journalist, adding that 114 cases of violations against journalists have been recorded in the past seven months.

Censorship, restrictions and access to information are other problems that Afghan journalists suffer most from.

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