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Jordan coup plot suspects want Prince Hamza to testify

AMMAN, Jordan – Two officials accused of plotting to overthrow the King of Jordan and replace him with his half-brother Prince Hamza want the prince to testify at their trial, the lawyer for one said today. of them.

“The two defendants, Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, insist that Prince Hamza testify in this case,” Mohammad Afif, who represents Awadallah, told AFP.

“The final decision is up to the court, but if he refuses to summon him, he must justify it,” he said on the second day of the closed-door trial before the Amman State Security Court.

Former royal court chief Awadallah and Bin Zaid, once special envoy to Riyadh, are accused of trying to help Prince Hamza topple King Abdullah II. They pleaded not guilty.

Prince Hamza, 41, is not on trial, although the indictment says he “was determined to achieve his personal ambition to rule, in violation of the Hashemite constitution and customs.”

Prince of Jordan Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein, in 2015 (KHALIL MAZRAAWI / AFP)

The court heard two prosecution witnesses yesterday, while three others gave written statements.

Today, she heard the last witness presented by the prosecution, says the lawyer.

“At the next hearing on Sunday, the two defendants will present their defense in writing, and then at the next hearing, we will ask the court to hear five to ten defense witnesses,” he said.

As part of the prosecution’s case based on wiretapping carried out by the security services, Afif said that “the defense is considering bringing in Jordanian and foreign experts to verify the authenticity of the recordings.”

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