Will Cain opposes fact-checking media

Jen Psaki made her MSNBC debut on the network’s primetime show “Alex Wagner Tonight.” One of the first discussions she had was whether the Democrats would retain control of Congress.

“In this way, these midterm elections could end up being a referendum on Republican power more than Democratic power,” Wagner told Psaki, referring to abortion as a driving force ahead of the midterm elections. mandate.

“Absolutely,” replied PSAKI. “And that’s remarkable if you think about it. If you look back at the NBC poll in January, the Democrats weren’t that far along midterm. They just weren’t in it.

What’s more, the former White House press secretary says the momentum has been turned around.

“It’s largely reversed now,” Psaki said. “The anger is among the members of the Democratic Party, which is the ruling party, which is so rare that this is the case. People are enthusiastic, they are engaged, they want to get out and vote, they want to be part of the process.

“I will also say, since you asked me general questions about midterms, that while I think a lot of Democrats are feeling better — as they should — there’s a long way to go here. If the election were held tomorrow, I think the House would be an uphill battle. It would be a bit of a leap. The Senate is more of a toss-up, but there are different dynamics in each of these races that we should pay close attention to.

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